Bathing Beauties……Pics of Scotland…..Howe of Hoxa - Plus…..‘Do As You Would Be Done By’…….

by Bernie Bell - 08:53 on 23 April 2023

Bathing Beauties…

The next bird to enjoy a bathe in the hedgehog’s dish – Mr. Blackbird – he nearly emptied it!


Pics of Scotland…

14th to 21st of April 2023…..


Alan MacMillan’s pic of Islay the Dandie Dinmont is pure joy!


Howe of Hoxa…

In case you were thinking that I haven’t mentioned a Broch for a while…




Orkney has had a whole string of warm, breezy days – good drying weather.  We thought we’d go through the Broch of Gurness and along the coast….


The start of that walk can be very, very muddy, so we thought we’d take advantage of the dry conditions.  Also, Mike is off work with high blood pressure and the medication is making him feel tired a lot -  that would be a short walk - not too challenging.

Along the way, we came across an example of  ‘Art from Nature’…..


Creels?  Bales? or Dougal-dogs?....

I can never resist a spiral….

On the way back we went into the Broch and noticed something we’d not noticed before…

I wondered what the spaces were for – maybe storage?  Revered objects?

Then Mike went round the side of it, and noticed that the internal structure of the adjoining wall is similar….

….so what we could see was how the two walls had been built – and picture the Iron Age Broch builders at work.

There’s always something different to see.


‘Do As You Would Be Done By’

Bartholomew hits the nail squarely on the head – again…

The Boy and The Anthill

I’ve been that little boy
with a magnifying glass
looming over an anthill
on a sunny afternoon.

It was interesting, even comical,
the way the ants ran from my heat ray
and the ones who couldn’t find cover
curled as they were incinerated.

Notice my use of the passive voice.
I’m ashamed of those insect deaths
but will cut myself some slack and hope
“boys will be boys” is adequate.

But it’s not when little men are boiling
our planet and profiting from the spectacle.

Bartholomew Barker


Here’s one I made earlier…. https://theorkneynews.scot/2020/11/25/the-last-sabbath-in-strathnaver-before-the-burnings/



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