‘Leaving The Loch’….. From ‘Emergence’ Magazine…. Re. All Water Being Connected….

by Bernie Bell - 09:19 on 10 April 2023


‘Leaving The Loch’…

We’ve just received our copy of a new book by  Lotte Glob and Tony Davidson – and I’d like to say something about it.

It, and they, are wonder-full and delight-full – ‘they’ being the wee beasties which live in, but might be leaving, the Loch – and other lochs, and other places.

They are leaving, due to our messing up their places – but some places are still havens for them, such as Lotte’s croft – where there are no herbicides or pesticides used, or suppression of natural ways of being.

We look at our garden, and love to know that it’s a place where the wild things can be – and are….


….and not only in the main garden….

Six Linnets

This morning

Six Linnets.

Feeding on seeds.

Feeding on the seeds of Self-heal.

Feeding, Healing me

While watching them.


That’s what happens

If you let life, live

In your gravel.

BB August 2019


‘Lotte’ still floats in our pond – though, presently, she gets moved about a lot by the frogs!


Since reading the book – when I’m quiet and close my eyes – I see the creatures – swimming, floating, singing.

When I hear the singing – it’s a chirruping sound – trilling and chirruping.

They may be leaving, but they stay with you.



From ‘Emergence’ Magazine….


A Woman Meets an Owl, a Rattlesnake, and a Hummingbird

by Greg Sarris

“The mountain is a sacred place … if you hear the twin sisters telling stories, you should listen.”

“After a remarkably wet winter, ​​bodies of water across California are retaking shapes that for years have been held only in memory. Forgotten ponds are filling in again, and rivers are pushing over their old banks. In the San Joaquin Valley, the long-dormant Tulare Lake is reappearing, rapidly flooding farmland and recalling a time when native Yokut peoples lived along the lake’s shore, sustained by its abundant mussels and fish. As these landscapes remember past forms, the stories that belong to them are finding new contours, too. 

This week, Tribal Chairman and award-winning author Greg Sarris brings us to his ancestral homeland of Sonoma Mountain and to the stories embedded in its landscape. In “A Woman Meets an Owl, a Rattlesnake, and a Hummingbird,” the Crow Sisters tell of a young woman drawn on a mysterious journey to the lost village of Kobe·cha, where a reflective pond waits to be remembered. Weaving traditional Coast Miwok and Southern Pomo creation tales with other histories of life in Northern California, Greg shows us the ways in which all stories—like all life, like all water—are deeply interconnected.”



Re. All Water Being Connected….



Ankle-deep at Hinderayre

I stand in all the oceans of the world

Sea snakes abound

And Tethys laps the shore.

McB – April ‘23


A Young Poet in Lytle Creek

Wearing hip waders for the first
and only time, I walked in Lytle Creek.
I’d been in before by falling
but this was intentional.

My best friend and I carried fishing poles.
We didn’t catch anything.
I don’t even remember casting.

What I remember is the sensation of walking
through water without getting wet.
Of feeling cool on a summer afternoon
and standing still while the current flowed
between my legs as it delivered water
to Todds Fork and then the Little Miami,
to the Ohio and the Mississippi
and finally the Gulf of Mexico.

Looking down as the silt settled
I saw a brave fish approach my boots
and wondered how far we could go.



Here’s one I made earlier….. https://theorkneynews.scot/2020/12/27/a-bit-of-an-expedition-to-birsay/


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