Pics of Scotland… And Now For Something Completely Different..…‘Buckie’…..Damn Seagulls!

by Bernie Bell - 10:14 on 09 April 2023

Pics of Scotland…

31st of March to 7th of April 2023….


A bit of an Easter vibe….AND A DINOSAUR’S FOOTPRINT!!!!


And Now For Something Completely Different…


I notice that Photo-ID will be required for an individual/citizen to vote in elections from now on.  This could be awkward for me as I don’t have a drivers licence (sight too bad) and my passport is out of date (I ain’t going no-where).  I’m never sure if I’ll be well enough to go and vote, so for some years now we’ve both chosen to have postal votes.

Having a postal vote means that whatever the state of my health or the weather, what’s happening with public transport or with our car – which  is also inclined to become un-well at inconvenient times - we still get to vote.

Postal votes are a good option, but photo-ID as a requirement for voting could still mean a limitation of the franchise to those who take part in activities which require photo-ID - which could mean going back in time to when sections of the population were excluded from voting due to circumstances – such as amount of income.

It could happen - that’s the way Society is heading in Britain today.

Meanwhile, choosing who to vote for locally can be more straight-forward than who to vote for nationally. 

I choose those have shown themselves to have the interests of the people at heart, rather than their own enrichment or aggrandisement. 

This is easier to asses when it comes to local characters than national figures.



I’m still reading ‘The Name of the Rose’ by Umberto Eco, in which there is much discussion of whether Jesus owned possessions or not – and whether monks, bishops etc. should own possessions or not.

I was telling someone I know - who lives in America - about ‘Buckie’ – and I quote….

“There’s a drink known in Scotland as ‘Buckie’.

In ‘The Longest Crawl’ by Ian Marchant, he asks a drunk why he drinks Buckie cold – the answer is ‘’Cause then it doesna’ taste sa fuckin’ shite’.

It definitely isn’t drunk for the taste – just the effect – which is….


And I thought of the monks of Buckfast Abbey making a lot of bucks out of people’s misery.  OK  - could be said they don’t make them drink it, and not in such quantities - but if there were no such things as guns – people couldn’t shoot people, could they?

Drug Barons are Drug Barons.  Monks are Monks. And never the twain should meet.


Damn Seagulls!

This is what we call a fly-by shiteing!



Here’s one I made earlier….. https://theorkneynews.scot/2021/03/03/guns-into-ploughshares/














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