Hedgehogs…. New Ness Guidebook…. Skull/Sculpture/Stone?.......

by Bernie Bell - 09:42 on 06 April 2023


I haven’t mentioned hedgehogs for a while…..here goes….

I received the following from Hugh Warwick….

“Amazing women!

Some wonderful news for hedgehogs (and hedgehog lovers) everywhere - the truly amazing Megan McCubbin has agreed to step up as a patron of the British Hedgehog Preservation Society. She is an inspirational communicator about the natural world and I have had the pleasure of being interviewed by her many times.

Next - well, she is a little younger but Amelie is amazing. Her dad, Alex, got in touch with me last year to see if I was ever going to be near their Wiltshire home - and whether I could pop into her school - as Amelie is a massive hedgehog fan (and, oh, my ego was boosted to the moon by this, a fan of my books). 

By a delightful coincidence I was booked in to do a talk in a village not far from them and was thrilled when they turned up. It was so lovely to meet her … and find out that she is only 10 … there really is hope for the future!

And nowAmelie is up to something … she is raising money for a hedgehog hospital called Prickles and Paws.

So if you can, drop her a bit - it would be amazing to see her meet her goal and then way more!”



New Ness Guidebook….

I quote from the Ness Website…

“We’re delighted to announce that our new Ness of Brodgar guidebooks have arrived and will be available to buy online on Friday.”

‘Nuff said…




I saw an intriguing image on the Orkney Wildlife Facebook page…   https://www.facebook.com/groups/133013273445588/ and initially thought it was a stone – an exceptionally interesting stone - one of those stones you see on beaches and want to take home with you. 

Then I read Fiona’s message and realised that it’s a cetacean skull  - with Fiona’s permission – here it is…..

What a beauty – and as someone commented – the trail of limpets ‘walking’ towards it, and over it, adds to it – especially for someone who likes limpets…


This image put me in mind of some other ‘beach art’  I’ve come across…





There’s a lot of it about – if you look about you.

I seem to have drifted away from Fiona – here’s her website….


I mentioned Fiona in a  previous piece of writing….


Stones – Bones – Shells.  Make of them what you will.


Here’s one I made earlier….  https://theorkneynews.scot/2020/10/23/a-hill-and-a-hall/



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