Easter…. April In Orkney…. ‘Waterline’ - From ‘Emergence’ Magazine…. Something Positive….A Taster…

by Bernie Bell - 09:11 on 04 April 2023


I’m still reading ‘The Name of the Rose’, in which a sour old monk persistently insists that laughter is sinful, as Jesus never laughed.  How he could possibly know whether Jesus laughed or not, he never really explains. 

This reminded me of my previous Easter musings, and Gloria’s painting of a laughing Jesus…


A more secular ‘nod’ to Easter…

And…..the clue is in the title…



April In Orkney…

Lots going on….



Waterline’ – from ‘Emergence’ magazine….


by Ocean Vuong

If I should wake & the Ark
the Ark already

“Adrift in the wake of the Flood, we find ourselves grieving all that is lost. To comprehend and surrender to the finality of such change can, at times, feel impossible. As so much of what we know becomes absent, how might we find a foothold in what remains, what emerges?

In this poem, our first online release from Volume 4: Shifting Landscapes, award-winning author and poet Ocean Vuong reaches into the space that lies beyond the threshold of change. Calling on the biblical story of Noah’s Ark—the tale of a mighty, global flood that destroys all living things on Earth, aside from those spared on a great vessel—he finds an image just big enough to hold the immensity of yearning for what is falling away, grief for what has already been lost. How can we meet the transformations unfolding all around us? he seems to ask. How do we orient ourselves as one world disappears and another rises above the waterline?”



I’m reminded of this….


From ‘The Penguin Charles Addams’


Something Positive….

“In Ukraine, storks are a symbol of rebirth, reinvention, and family protection.”



A Taster…

….of ‘One Fine Day’….includes singing.....and ramblings of smallbear….



Here’s one I made earlier….. https://theorkneynews.scot/2020/10/02/playing-with-shapes-at-burwick/


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