UHI Students Field Trips…...Artificial Intelligence…..The Dark Is Rising - Boris Johnson’s Legacy…..

by Bernie Bell - 09:34 on 02 April 2023

 UHI Students Field Trips…


If you study Archaeology at the UHI Archaeology Institute, you might get to go on groovy field trips…..


The Grey Cairns of Camster  are…..something else…


…for that matter, so is Helmsdale  – in lots of different kinds of ways…


And then they went to…


I’ve never been to these places – so little time, so much to see….


Artificial Intelligence…..

From the, archaeologically, sublime - to the frankly disturbing…


I never thought I’d agree with Elon Musk!

My tuppenceworths…



And, most recently….



The Dark Is Rising - Boris Johnson’s Legacy…..

We watched a television programme about 1980’s videos, which included ‘Through the Barricades’ by Spandau Ballet…


And I thought – that was in the ‘80’s - not that long ago – since then there has been the Peace Process, and the Good Friday Agreement.  People in The North have been able to live their lives relatively peacefully - but now un-rest is beginning again, prompted at least in part by Brexit and the convoluted arrangements developing between England and Northern Ireland.

I see this as being part of Boris Johnson’s legacy.  While he was in power his actions – and inaction -  were responsible for the deaths of a lot of people - and  the illness and unhappiness of many more.

Those actions also laid the ground-work for the present Government’s continuing contribution to the hardship experienced and the despair felt by the population of what is known as the Four Nations of the UK ( not my terminology!).

In ‘The Dark is Rising’ by Susan Cooper there is an idea presented of The Dark  - all that is hurtful, harmful and negative in our world -and how it can rise by feeding on what is hurtful, harmful and negative.

Boris Johnson’s ‘reign’ and his legacy are all those things – and he's still there, still has power.

The Dark is Rising.


Here’s one I made earlier…. https://theorkneynews.scot/2020/10/22/every-little-helps-or-hinders/



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