Of Bears & Brochs….. Kind Of Brochy…..Left Me Speechless….Pics of Scotland….

by Bernie Bell - 10:26 on 01 April 2023

A Bear Broch…

You read it right – there’s a Bear Broch….Kenny Brophy has written about it…


I dislike zoos - can see the necessity for preserving species which might become extinct - but otherwise – no.  I make an exception when it comes to Rescue Centres such as Fern Valley……


The state of Dundee Zoo says a lot about why I don’t like them and think they should…. not be.

It looks like a lot of thought went into the Broch, and that has now been left to deteriorate too.

A sad business.

A better note on bears and where they live/lived…


Bonus pic of the information board at the beginning of the path to the caves……’Here be bears’….

Kenny’s image of a display cabinet labelled ‘Dundee Public Art’ reminded me of the UHI Archaeology Institute’s Cabinet of Curiosities…


No bears - just a sheep and what looks like a green chicken?


Kenny’s piece is most excellent – but those pictures of the Zoo, and the Broch, made me angry.

What did they think they were doing, euthanizing the wolves?  The wolves were behaving erratically because they had just lost their leader. 

Presumably the Zoo Management didn’t want the public seeing wolves being anything but ‘attractive’, so the Zoo was closed, and then they decided to euthanize the wolves.  Why, exactly? 

The wolves would have settled down once a new leader had taken his place – tho’ that could mean the public maybe witnessing real wild behaviour – fighting – power struggles – which would never do!

Why not use the opportunity to educate the public about an aspect of wolf life and pack life that they wouldn’t usually experience?  Because – it looks like Dundee isn’t that kind of Zoo.

A sorry business, all round.

Humans are my least favourite species – bears are one of my most favourite.

I am smallbear…and I likes Brochs…..


Kind Of Brochy…


Previously - in m’blog…

“My lord…just look at this bead.....


And isn’t it like the one found at Mine Howe ….


And…it’s translucent…I likes translucent beads.   Keep an eye on Swartigill….

Oh my….”


Left Me Speechless….


…which takes some doing!  The light dusting of snow shows everything up so clearly.

juggling hundreds of contexts to piece together a phased timeline for the building.”

I was reminded of some of my ramblings along these lines, written in this piece…


“I think about how the Ness has ‘risen’ from the earth.  Each year a bit more is revealed, and the structures become clearer and clearer.  And I think of how it would have been A GOOD THING, if someone had filmed it, from the beginning, then could put the whole thing together, as a time-lapse, producing a film of the site, appearing to ‘rise’ from the earth!  It’s a bit late for that, now….but……I wonder if it would be possible, for someone with the know-how, to get together as many pictures, or pieces of film as possible and splice it all together, to make such a film?

I think it would look great, and would also be a very useful piece of archive film, for the future.”

Thank you – Mr Rylatt.  I look forward to seeing the end result!


Pics of Scotland….

…24th -  31st March 2023…


Ronnie Dukes saw Snow White & Co near Loch Long….maybe they were on holiday from Orkney?…. https://theorkneynews.scot/2020/07/25/the-bay-of-bones/


Here’s one I made earlier….. https://theorkneynews.scot/2021/04/21/everybodys-been-surfin-surfin-at-skaill-bay/


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