Monday Night….Tuesday Morning…. Report On Long Covid….Politics…..Nuts….

by Bernie Bell - 07:43 on 29 March 2023

Monday Night…

I was ‘up in the night’ – 5 o’clock in the morning – I didn’t see this…


….but what I did see was….a completely clear sky – no clouds at all.  I don’t know how many stars and planets.  I don’t know what they’re called – don’t know which are stars and which are planets - I tend to think of the big ones as planets and the little ones as stars. 

It doesn’t matter to me - I saw them - I saw that sky. 

It was very cold, standing at the window in my nightshirt – but – I didn’t care.

What a place to live – Orkney - where our skies are so clear - and  - the Universe that I was looking into.

Whooo- hooo!!!!


Tuesday Morning…

A scan at the hospital – I wrote a  little poem….

An Organ Recital

They put some jelly

On my belly

To find out why

My liver is



If only they could

Do the same

For my poor old

Tired old

Deranged brain!

BB - March ‘23

We’re lucky to have the Balfour, the folk who work there and the facilities provided…..

While we were there we had a look at how the central garden has developed since we saw it last……

A place of peace and quiet for those visiting, and for the workers on their break-time.  I stood and listened to the birds singing…….smelling the Rosemary.

And, across the road – there’s also Arcadia Park…


It’s all part of helping to heal.


Long Covid….

At last – the effects of Long Covid are being taken seriously….


An email from Caroline Macdonald….

“TUC Releases Report into Workers’ Experience of Long Covid

27 MAR 2023 — 

In case you’re not aware, the TUC has released its report (co-authored with Long Covid Support) into workers’ experiences of Long Covid. It makes for very sobering (but not remotely surprising reading) reading: The experiences of those of us with Long Covid are that we face lack of reasonable adjustments, as well as discrimination either in the form of unconscious bias or outright ableism. 

The U.K. Governments must act to strengthen Equality Legislation. 

Exciting news in Scotland! A group of healthcare professionals (including our own Cass) joined together to apply for Core Participant status at the Scottish Covid Inquiry and it’s been granted! If you are in Scotland, are a healthcare worker of any kind or level, you can join their Facebook Group. The Steering Committee are looking to expand their volunteer numbers, not only to capture the wider effect on all kinds of healthcare worker, public and private, but also to take on some of the burden of work, as we are all not particularly well.

Aside from the ongoing issues we hear from people across the U.K. who are having issues with healthcare, employers and even unions in some cases, there’s good work going on at the moment in many, as well as grassroots organisations. 

Remember, it’s definitely worth creating your own case study and keeping it saved to your own or online files. We believe people need to understand the impact Long Covid has.

Anyway, we are all STILL recovering from our trip to London - really and genuinely, but wanted to pop an update into your inboxes to show we are still here and work is ongoing - both for the campaign and also with partners and networks. 

Stay well.”



In Westminster…..the Conservative Government gives the go-ahead for this….


Worker’s rights?  Whatever happened to worker’s rights?  Rhetorical question – the clue is in the name of the Government.

Meanwhile…….in Holyrood….


I first noticed him when he was Transport Minister and got a lot of stick for problems which weren’t of his making and that he appeared to be doing his best to sort out. 

All-in-all, maybe he’s used to being in that kind of situation and will be up to dealing with it.



This is just….. nuts….


And yes, the pun is intended!


Here’s one I made earlier…. https://theorkneynews.scot/2021/02/17/ive-been-thinking-about-nurses/


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