The Power Of Positive And Negative Intent…

by Bernie Bell - 07:40 on 22 March 2023

The Power Of Positive And Negative Intent…

I had an exchange with two people about a poem.  I presume that I can quote them, as their responses are on Bartholomew Barker’s Blog https://bartbarkerpoet.com/  and therefore in the public domain.

Here’s the poem, reluctant though I am to spread it, but….needs must….


Silk scarf 'round your neck
lust pulling tight — seeing stars
trust leaves you breathless

This is accompanied by a picture of a young woman’s face, wrapped in a scarf.

I posted a comment….

Reminds me horribly of Michael Hutchence.

It’s up to people what they do together – but – what lies behind what they do?

I think I’ll step away from this”

Bartholomew replied…

Yeah, more than a few people have taken it too far.”

I replied…

And others have had it forced on them.

Not much to do with love, or sex – just another bit of in-balance added to the world.

Then Gypsie-Ami Offenbacher-Ferris responded….

As in everything Bernie, a little of something is usually ok. Too much of anything is always NOT ok. This is not something you would do with someone unless you knew them, very, very well! And, as you stated, it’s not for everyone. Different boat for different people.”

My final response….

“I know a young man who has a tattoo on his arm of the head and torso of a woman. She’s bare-breasted, has her hands tied behind her back and is wearing a blindfold.


I’d advise any lass who sees that, to beware of him and find herself a lad who wants her to have her arms free to hold him and her eyes free to see him.

Simple as that.

Or, for that matter, find herself a lass – preferably one without hang-ups.”

And Gypsie’s….

And such is the nature of free-will and choice. Glad that we, as Americans at least, still have that. As an aside – there are many, many types of submission and levels of Dominance. The key word is consent. Anything else is abuse.”

The thing is – Bartholomew Barker has a way with words – he can use words, even very few words, to produce an emotion, an image etc etc.

I’ve previously commented on how impressed I am by his ability to do so.  And here, he does so, but in a way which made me wince – in fact, reading this produced a sharp intake of breath – not breathless, but….

After my exchange with Gypsie I had further thoughts which I suspect would be considered to be too lengthy for Bartholomew to post, but I’ll go into them here for if anyone is interested.

I begin with the idea that the energy produced in that kind of activity is negative and therefore adds to the negative in the world, as good intent adds to the positive.

In these times, when there is so much negativity and hurt-full behaviour, we each need to try to add to the positive. 

I connect this idea with themes in Susan Cooper’s  ‘The Dark Is Rising’ –  (I’ve previously posted links to all my pieces about this series of novels http://www.spanglefish.com/berniesblog/blog.asp?blogid=16152 )  and one example in particular…..

It’s noticed that the fishing boats made by one man have been sinking, with accompanying loss of life.  Long story short - he is of the Dark.  His bad intent in building faulty boats - feeds the Dark.  The fear experienced by the fishermen as they realise that their boat is sinking - feeds the Dark. Their dying in that way - feeds the Dark.

Death doesn’t feed the Dark – it’s part of life – but dying in that way - feeds the Dark.

Whether the person reading this accepts these concepts is up to them – but I do, as I see it happening around me – how good intent can produce positive situations, and twisted intent, produces negative.

‘The Dark Is Rising’ was written decades ago, but is very relevant to today’s world where there appears to be a growing attitude that it’s admirable to crush the weak and laud the ruthless.

Back to Bartholomew’s poem, and Gypsie’s responses.  Even if both participants want to take part, I question the impulse that lies behind what they are doing.  I also, genuinely believe that the energies being produced by these actions add to the negative in the world – feeding the Dark in a world which needs Light more than ever.

Why does the expression of love, or even just plain lust, have to move into these areas of behaviour?

As far as I’m aware, no other animal needs to inflict pain or humiliation on another to obtain sexual gratification.

What is it with us?  All part of the bigger question of what is it with us, and how we treat each other and other beings?


Here’s one I made earlier…. https://theorkneynews.scot/2020/06/19/poplar-hawk-moths-getting-fresh/



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