Another BBC Home-Goal…….From ’Emergence’…..’Beyond Hillshade’….

by Bernie Bell - 07:33 on 14 March 2023

Another BBC Home-Goal….

My mother would have referred to this kind of behaviour as ’cutting off your nose to spite your face’……


They're picking the wrong people to attempt to silence.

Plus ça change……..



From ‘Emergence’ Magazine -  https://emergencemagazine.org/ …..

What Survives

by Lacy M. Johnson

“It’s normal to want to repair what’s broken, folly to repair what breaks us and keeps on breaking.”

“On the first of March, Exxon Mobil powered up a new $2 billion crude oil distillation unit at its refinery in Beaumont, Texas, east of Houston along the state’s Gulf Coast. This is the biggest expansion of US oil production in a decade—in a state whose landscapes have been shaped by oil production since the first refinery opened there in 1898. To produce oil, refineries pull huge amounts of water from underground aquifers. Over time, this extraction causes subsidence, hollowing out the land so much that it begins to collapse and sink into itself. Coupled with intensifying storm patterns and rising tides, subsided land eventually disappears underwater, forcing residents to rebuild, reinforce, and finally retreat from the places they call home. 

Lacy M. Johnson, a longtime Houston resident, has done her own share of rebuilding as increasingly violent storms have burst pipes in her house and overwhelmed the power grid her family relies on. In this essay, she visits a wetland nature center that has reclaimed the land where a sunken neighborhood, subsumed by floodwater, once stood. Across the bay, smoke rises from the chimney of an Exxon oil refinery, signaling the persistence of an industry that just keeps pumping in spite of its world-altering wake, prompting Lacy to consider: When is it time to reconstruct, and when is it time to mourn what’s been lost and make way for what will take its place? “



I remembered this...



’Beyond Hillshade’….

What an evocative title – this month’s FREE research seminar from the Orkney Research Centre for Archaeology takes place at 4pm on Friday, March 31st and is about Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR), which uses laser light to measure distances and create detailed maps of an environment.  In this case, in particular, within the National Scenic Area of Orkney.

For further details…..



Here’s some I made earlier….  https://theorkneynews.scot/?s=the+Orkney+housewives+Farmhouse+broth

Might as well bung them all in!

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