A Small Cairn….. Where Are We going?.... Fraiku….

by Bernie Bell - 10:16 on 05 February 2023

A Small Cairn…..

With a lot to it…. undisturbed since it was sealed….human remains….stone ball….geometric wall carving….light box???!!!.....possible transition from Neolithic chambered cairns to the cist burials of the Bronze Age….

Over to Sigurd…..



Where Are We going?....

I was thinking about Bartholomew Barker’s poem ’90 Seconds to Midnight’….. https://bartbarkerpoet.com/2023/01/27/fraiku-90-seconds-to-midnight/

and thought - there’s another aspect to this.  Covid, as a plague, would have taken out even more people that it did – bringing down human population numbers significantly. But, due to modern medical advancements and some governments being able to quickly bring in controls, though bad – overall Covid wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

People then got fed up with behaving themselves  and started to behave as though Covid isn’t there - even in China where, uncharacteristically, the population rebelled against authority - and so Covid cases went up again.

And – being a virus -  it constantly mutates, and re-surges world-wide.

Same pattern – we dodge nuclear war - embark on wrecking the climate – make some attempts to rectify that - lose interest – head for nuclear war again.  Admittedly, because a nut-case is in charge in Russia.

We are hit by a plague. We behave for a bit – we lose interest in behaving and…..where do we go from here, as a species?

As individuals, all we can do is take individual responsibility for doing what we can. Keep contact to a minimum – wear a mask.  Avoid indoor gatherings with unknown  people and un-necessary travel – we know what to do - but a vast majority of us aren’t doing it. 

Where do we go from here, as humanity ignores the continued presence of the constantly mutating Covid virus.



Fraiku: Erethizon dorsatum

Thoughts of you—
like a prickle of porcupines
occupying my mind


My response being….

“Yikes!  That prickles!

The antidote could be a charm of Goldfinches.”



Here’s one I made earlier…. https://theorkneynews.scot/2020/04/13/the-roses-of-eyam-a-parable-for-our-time/




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