Forgotten Heroes of the Covid Frontline…….. There’s Something About Cornwall…...Pics of Scotland….

by Bernie Bell - 10:37 on 28 January 2023

Forgotten Heroes of the Covid Frontline……..

I received this heartfelt plea….

“Morning - we are asking for your help.

On Monday, 30th January, at 20.00, the BBC are broadcasting a Panorama programme: Forgotten Heroes of the Covid Frontline.

Please watch it. Please let people know about the programme.


Some of the Keyworker Petition UK team feature in the programme. We feel that it is important that everyone gets a chance to watch our testimonies as the COVID-19 pandemic has been life changing for us. 

The other thing we would like you to do is to please share this information on social media and to write to your elected representatives to ask them to please watch this programme and also to share our campaign with them. 

In England, please write to your MP - https://members.parliament.uk/FindYourMP

In Scotland, please write to your MP and your MSPs - above MP link and https://www.parliament.scot/msps

In Wales, please write to your MP and Senedd members - above MP link and https://senedd.wales/find-a-member-of-the-senedd/

In Northern Ireland, please write to your MP (using the above link) and your MLA(s) http://www.niassembly.gov.uk/your-mlas

When you are writing to them, please tell them about the third key recommendation from the Long Covid Report (March 2022):

“Key worker compensation - The UK Government should launch a compensation scheme available to all frontline key workers currently living with Long Covid. The scheme should mirror the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS), recognise the relapsing nature of Long Covid and go beyond existing sick pay schemes.” 


Please ask them to join us in campaigning for us by signing our petition-


Feel free to pass on our Twitter and email details to your elected members and please share this email and contents wherever you feel suitable. 

As always, your continued support for our campaign means absolutely everything to us.”


There’s Something About Cornwall….

Reading ‘Over Sea, Under Stone’ - the first in the series of ’The Dark Is Rising’  - remembering a holiday in Cornwall - we were walking  down to a beach, when we encountered a procession led by a giant – not something you come across every day…..

We were told that this is a traditional event which happens on that day each year – and there’s a song to go with it – as the procession moves along…


There once was a giant who was fierce and mean

The biggest giant you’ve ever seen

His deeds through the land brought him fame

And Big Bad Bolster was his name.


He lived on the Beacon with his wife

And caused her plenty of trouble and strife

He terrorised folk that lived nearby

As every night he’d roar at the sky


He made his wife carry heavy stones

And all about could hear her moans

She tried to keep him pacified

But he scared the people far and wide


He ate pigs and sheep by the cart

And everyone thought he had no heart

They tried to drive him from the land

But he just ate the local band


One day a girl who was fair and sweet

Came unknown beneath his feet

Her song she sang in dulcet tones

Which reached right into Bolster’s bones


At once in love as soft as a kitten

The Big Bad Bolster was complelty smitten

To Agnes, Bolster sang songs of love

His songs resounding round Chapel Cove


From the giants heart sweet words did surge

But his voice came out as a screeching dirge

Agnes had to cover her ears

Her mind distracted by her fears


Bolster’s love was so strong

Young Agnes knew she could string him along

So in her mind a scheme did plan

To rid the village of this beast of a man


Agnes asked the local Mayor

To set a challenge she thought was fair

She told Bolster if he lost the fight

Then he must leave that place that night


The Mayor, a very pompous man

Thought he had the perfect plan

To put Big Bolster on his mettle

He challenged him to an arm wrestle


Next Agnes called a gallant knight

With an army of soldiers and all their might

Their bloody battle with swords did cross

The Mayor was beaten, the knight was felled, and all seemed lost


But Agnes knew Bolster’s love was true

And thought of what she could make him do

To prove his love and save his soul

She led him to a nearby hole


“Fill this hole with your blood” she said

Knowing well that it led

Straight out to sea with ebb and flow

And there was no end to it down below


Bad Bolster laughed and soon agreed

To carry out this simple deed

His blood ran freely and with ease

‘Til he was overcome by peace


All life from the fierce giant drained

His roars were no longer heard

He became one with the fields, the hills and the land

The heath, the gorse, the sea and the sand


The village folk rejoiced at his doom

Made Agnes a saint very soon

So now we celebrate this Bolster Day

His love and her deeds are here to stay.


Cornwall  is a magicy place - what might be the origin of this tale?


We went to  Lanyon Quoit  http://www.stone-circles.org.uk/stone/lanyon.htm ….

……which brings to mind the question of what those structures known as Dolmens were for?  ….  https://theorkneynews.scot/2021/10/05/when-is-a-dolmen-not-a-dolmen/

One of my favourite places on that holiday – Men an Tol  https://www.megalithic.co.uk/article.php?sid=111 ………..

We each went through the hole and round and back three times. I always go clockwise – with the sun.

For some unknown reason, that time I went anti-clockwise – didn’t realise I’d done it until I’d …done it.   Maybe The Fates decreed it to be so. I didn’t notice any major bad luck following on from that visit. 

And…definitely a big favourite of mine – the labyrinth carvings at Rocky Valley… https://www.cornwalllive.com/news/cornwall-news/gallery/discover-who-carved-mysterious-labyrinths-6298347

The maze/labyrinth idea has been inspirational for many thousands of years, however old or young the Rocky Valley carvings might be…


When the children are exploring the Grey House – all the ups and downs and hidey-holes brought to mind the sea-front houses of Stromness - in one of which, beneath a sheet of strengthened glass, under the kitchen floor - there is a hidey-hole where smugglers used to stash their goods, and where Orkney lads would hide to avoid the Press Gangs who were responsible for breaking up many  homes.

There’s one sea-front house which used to belong to folk that we know, and when they were ‘doing it up’  I was shown a piece of wood from the original structure of the house, which smelt very spicy.  Even after all this time it had a strong smell of the spices which were, presumably, stored in the ship which it came from and which will have gone all over the world.  That house held the memory of that ship and it’s journeys in it’s very structure.

Over sea and under stone in Orkney…..inside The Gloup,  Deerness – you’re on the water, under the earth, and under the stone.  It is another world. – and I’ve been there.


Pics of Scotland – 20th to 27th January 2023……

I particularly like the door in Birnam… https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-64412961

Appealing decrepitude - appeals to me…. 


‘Seeing’ the Robin’s song is also pretty groovy.


Here’s one I made earlier….. https://theorkneynews.scot/2020/02/18/up-costa-hill-before-its-too-late/ ….which  includes some appealing decrepitude.


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