Right Round Mull Head…. He Knows, You Know…..‘Beyond the Horizon’…..

by Bernie Bell - 12:45 on 05 January 2023

Right Round Mull Head…..

For this walk I strongly recommend wearing wellingtons and taking an OS map with you.  If you have a dog – I recommend keeping it on a lead – this is no place for dogs to roam free!

I previously wrote about a walk we did from the carpark for the Covenanter’s Memorial, across the heathland to the Gloup and back… http://www.spanglefish.com/berniesblog/blog.asp?blogid=15915  where I mention the possibility of turning left at Lang Geo and walking round Mull Head - and yesterday, we did that walk.

It was a fine day and the first, familiar section of the walk was as good as last time with a wonderful light and vistas all around which included many of the Northern Isles. 

At Lang Geo, we turned left onto the path for Mull Head….

Then followed the numbered posts along the Coastal Path, looking back to see the Brough of Deerness with the Horse of Copinsay looking like a floating island in the distance – that’s how myths are born….

We passed Howan Lickan where the sea and the sloping rocks were making wonderful wave-shapes….

For a close-up – see yesterday’s blog and Mike’s creative use of his camera. 

(Wise words from Jackie Morris re. creativity……. https://twitter.com/JackieMorrisArt/status/1610045445979389955?cxt=HHwWhoCy_a_zg9gsAAAA)

We carried on and crossed a bridge over a chasm – a brave move for a bear who fears heights – but exciting at the same time…..

Then right round the Chip of the Mull, where we spotted a toadstool in the grass which looked like a luscious toffee.  It looked tempting but, to quote Terry Pratchett again -“All Fungi are edible. Some fungi are only edible once."   So we admired it, took a photo, but didna’ touch it……

Mike took a picture of me at the Trig. Point, as I felt a sense of achievement at having got there!

It’s a grand walk, and I’m glad that I did it, but the terrain is heavy going in places and I won’t be doing it again, as I’m paying for it today – it was worth it though.

Passing Ramna Geo to see an interesting cave/arch which made us think of Smugglers and Selkies, hiding…..

Along the coastal path with the Covenanter's Memorial ahead and the sun setting……

….to where a fence cuts across the path and the choice is to carry on to the Covenanter’s Memorial or turn left along the fence on a path through the heather.

Me being weary and discretion being the better part of valour, we turned onto this path which brought us back to the main track that we had started on. 

Back to the car for sandwiches and tea, where we found that Mike had forgotten to put a tea bag in the flask, so we made a virtue of necessity by adding a drop of whisky to hot water in a cup – 'just enough to colour it' as my Mum used to say – and were content with that.

Drove back through Kirkwall to see the Christmas lights which will be coming down soon, and home.

Another grand, though exhausting, day out.


He Knows, You Know…

Wildlife photographer Raymond Besant presents wise words on taking care when photographing wildlife….


…and he should know!


Beyond the Horizon

by Kiliii Yüyan

“Photographer Kiliii Yüyan visits Utqiagvik and Kotzebue in Alaska, where he witnesses how climate change is remaking the Arctic tundra and shaping the future of wilderness.”



Here’s one I made earlier…. https://theorkneynews.scot/2020/03/03/inganess-when-the-path-became-the-burn/


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