More From ‘Emergence’….. Niagara Freezes…… The Fate of Faray?.......

by Bernie Bell - 10:34 on 30 December 2022

More From ‘Emergence’….. 


by Jeremy Seifert

“Barry Lopez, a celebrated author who detailed moral and natural landscapes in our imagination for decades, died peacefully in Oregon on Christmas Day, 2020. This film is a tribute to his life and work. Through archival footage and an interview conducted shortly before his death, Barry shares what drove him toward new horizons so that he might help our culture find balance with the living earth.”



Niagara Freezes……


New York Governor Kathy Hochul described the storm as "the blizzard of the century", but Niagara freezing isn’t an isolated incident  –  when it happened in 2015, someone climbed up it!   https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/world-us-canada-31037992

This reminded me of a conversation I had about the human impulse to court danger….. https://theorkneynews.scot/2022/03/30/cumbrae-memories/

And as to the frequency of occurrence of these extreme weather events……Bartholomew Barker’s Fraiku for 23.12.22…..

Fraiku: Bomb Cyclone

"Once in a generation"
Why do these storms
happen every winter?


As usual – few words, saying much.



I sent the following email to any relevant organizations/individuals I could think of, under the heading of ’Save The Seals’….


This is something of a desperate plea. Please read this article in ‘The Orkney News’ about the proposed wind farm on the island of Faray – including the comment.


Can any of you please do anything about this? It’s a travesty of governance.

If Britain was still in the EU the matter could have been taken to the relevant Court – but – Britain is no longer in the EU. By the time Scotland is independent and back in the EU, Faray will have been despoiled.

As you can see – I am angry and, once again, feeling powerless in the face of The Powers That Be – even our own Council, who allegedly are there to work for the good of Orkney.


Thank you

Bernie Bell


I then thought of Historic Environment Scotland because of this…..

“The development would have a significant adverse impact on the cultural heritage of the island, most particularly in terms of its impact on the setting of the Quoy Chambered Cairn Scheduled Monument.

The visual impact of the proposed wind farm on the abandoned settlement and other features of the former occupation of Faray would also have a negative effect on its overall cultural heritage.”

…and contacted them, too.

To quote Maxi Jazz ….”In-action is a weapon of mass destruction.”  In this case, possibly literally.


Contradictions – Part 7……..

Mr Stockan

In his wisdom

States that Orkney tourism

Needs Cruise Liners

Carrying thousands

Polluting and disrupting.


And yet

He also supports the Faray turbines

Visible for miles

From ferries traveling to the Isles

Bringing visitors

To see wildlife


Including seals?




BB – December 2022.


PS...published today in 'The Orkney News'...


Is all this archaeology/history/wildlife to be wiped out?

'Money doesn't talk, it swears' - Bob Dylan.


I realised that I should have made it clear why it’s ‘Contradictions – Part 7’….







International, National or Local - Politicians playing with our world.


Here’s one I made earlier…..     https://theorkneynews.scot/2019/08/05/innocent-landscapes/




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