The Ness of Brodgar Top 10 of 2022 – ongoing…...The Hardy Tree…..More From ‘Emergence’ Magazine….

by Bernie Bell - 10:11 on 29 December 2022

The Ness of Brodgar Top 10 of 2022…

They’re in Structure 5 ……which is in Trench J …..remember Trench J?


Picture it….that doorway…maybe carved?  Maybe painted – red, yellow, white and black….


Maybe ???


The Hardy Tree….

I didn’t know about the Hardy Tree.  I’m posting Mr Mac’s Twitter about it, as I like what he says.  Then the ‘Guardian’ article tells the tale, and what a tale it is………. https://twitter.com/RobGMacfarlane/status/1607855898239848448?cxt=HHwWgMDSifaaoNAsAAAA

It’s happening again, as the HS2 cuts across the countryside ……




This begs the question of why do we humans care so much about what happens to our remains when we pass from this life?  And why do we fuss about having our burial place marked?  We’ve taken a lot of trouble about it, for a long time…..


And here’s a poem by the man himself….

My Spirit Will Not Haunt The Mound

My spirit will not haunt the mound

Above my breast,

But travel, memory-possessed,

To where my tremulous being found

Life largest, best.


My phantom-footed shape will go

When nightfall grays

Hither and thither along the ways

I and another used to know

In backward days.


And there you’ll find me, if a jot

You still should care

For me, and for my curious air;

If otherwise, then I shall not,

For you, be there.

Thomas Hardy



Ancient Green
Moss, Climate, and Deep Time

by Robin Wall Kimmerer

“Taking a long view of life on Earth, Robin Wall Kimmerer explores how mosses—ancient beings who transformed the world—teach us strategies for persisting amid a changing climate.”



Here’s one I made earlier….. https://theorkneynews.scot/2019/07/29/jo-mckenzies-layers-of-colour/

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