Earth-logs Compilation.…’Derry Girls’….F.A.C.T.S………

by Bernie Bell - 10:33 on 20 December 2022

Earth-logs Compilation.…

Steve Drury looking back…..



‘Derry Girls’………..

We finally got round to watching the final two episodes of ‘Derry Girls’. We’ve had it recorded since May, but I had the idea that it might be grim – telly drama’s often end grimly. There’s enough grimness about these days so …I kept putting it off. Foolish of me – it wasn’t grim at all. It’s clever – and full of refences from the time, including the music - including Fat Boy Slim’s  ‘Praise You’ played slow when Clare hears about her Dad, and an Angel spreads it’s wings around the group of friends.

At the Polling Booth – seeing the succession of characters who are voting, I thought – yes, that’s Democracy, and that’s why it can be flawed – the public get to vote – even Orla, who spoils her paper by drawing a heart. But – I believe it to be the best option there is.  Benevolent Dictatorship could be a sound idea, but how long would it remain benevolent?  As with Sr. Michael’s rule at Our Lady Immaculate!

In  a Democracy, the public vote - and look at what we get. Except – in the case of the Good Friday Agreement it did work – a strong turn-out and a good majority and Northern Ireland settled down for the first time in a long time.

And now, thanks to Boris and Brexit, division is stirring again as new borders are being considered.

That Man’s legacy will stretch for a long way – is stretching for a long way, and yet his Party is still in power.

Politics – when they work they can produce benefit for the whole nation/the whole world.  When they don’t work – we descend into the mess we’re in now.

The last episode of ‘Derry Girls’ is full of thought – full of humour, and good music – in other words, full of life.  

One thing that stood out for me is – one of the characters voting is Michelle’s Mum who is a nurse whose son is in prison for murdering someone – not a random murder, but a politically motivated murder. A nurse who will have been dealing with the injured from the conflict – and her own son played his part in that.  Nothing in the Northern Ireland situation was, or is, straight forward – an idea which is repeated through-out the episode.

If ‘Derry Girls’ is on the telly again  we’ll watch it again – it’s good in many, many ways.  Even little touches such as the family getting a microwave - folk forget the change that made to a lot of people, especially busy families.



Monday morning I had an appointment to see a doctor at the Balfour Hospital.  I arrived and, just inside the door, was a station providing face masks and  hand sanitizer – which I availed myself of….

Having seen the Doc. (thank goodness for our NHS – let’s hold onto it!)  I noticed this sign….

Then, on the way out of the hospital, a station to dispose of my face mask and hand sanitize again.

And then into Kirkwall where I saw no-one else wearing a face mask indoors.  I got my prescription from Sutherlands and, while thoroughly approving of, I also saw the irony of this notice……

Them As Knows still say to be Covid Cautious while most of the population – aren’t – they think it’s all over.



Here’s one I made earlier…..in fact, this time last year….. https://theorkneynews.scot/2021/12/25/week-fifty-one-one-day-at-a-time/


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