Bones etc.….. Steve Drury Presents….Limiting Life In Britain….

by Bernie Bell - 10:11 on 27 November 2022

Bones etc.…..

Remember I mentioned the many bones found at the Ness of Brodgar?   http://www.spanglefish.com/berniesblog/blog.asp?blogid=16023

Here’s some more info.  ‘lifted’ from the most recent  Ness of Brodgar Newsletter  https://www.nessofbrodgar.co.uk/newsletter/ …..

“We’re delighted to welcome Sally and Alan into the UHI Archaeology Institute laboratories, to help us clean some of the vast amount of burnt bone we’ve found over the years. 

Burnt bone from the Ness is usually white, in small pieces and sounds like bone china when tapped. It is burnt at the Ness in large quantities and at extreme heat (600C), for reasons we still need to determine.

As it burns it shatters and twists and cracks leaving small fragments from which we need to try and determine species and lots more. To make good observations, we need clean bone and so Sally and Alan will be donning their gloves and setting to. 

We hope to be able to introduce you early in 2023 to several new MRes (Masters by Research) students we have been able to fund through the generous donation of several Ness supporters. 

As a result, we have burnt bone going under the microscope, pollen, stone tools and pottery, in addition to the ongoing work of Sarah Jane Haston.

If you would like specifically to help with fees, or research, please contact nick.card@uhi.ac.uk. Not only does postgraduate research advance our knowledge of the Ness, it also moves forward the careers of our researchers.”


And there’s the wooden replica axe by Michael Sinclair https://theorkneynews.scot/2019/01/07/timelines-of-an-orkney-wood-turner/

Replica axe is a first for our shop

Just this morning we put another three of Michael Sinclair's beautiful woodturned pieces on our online shop. A first for us is a stunning replica axe, inspired by one found in Trench J this summer

Just LOOK at it….or should I say…..just look at them – ancient and modern.  Thing is, you can own one of them…..


My tuppenceworth re. the ‘use’ of animals at the Ness - archaeologists have probably been considering this but I’m not in that world, so I’m not aware of it - I’ll throw this in here anyway….

I’ve been dreaming again. Last night in my dream me, Nick Card and Janina Ramirez were standing  by Trench T at the Ness https://www.nessofbrodgar.co.uk/about/trench-t/ and I was telling Janina my idea about it being a manufacturing/processing area. I went on to talk of the idea of boats coming to the Ness ….


…….the Brig O’ Waithe not being there and boats coming and going. I could see it, plain as can be....


And then I thought …what about all those hides? All those animals  that were brought there and slaughtered – the people won’t have wasted the hides.  Not tanning – that would be too stinky.  There would be the holy holy goings-on in the main complex but down there at what’s now referred to as Trench T - boats landing, bringing things and people - taking things and people away. All those hides, being cleaned and shipped off?

Leading on from that, I walked about on the area at the other end of the main complex and was aware of what I was walking over, there. 

At the ‘lower’ end, outside the main complex - processing area – at the ‘upper’ end outside the main complex – other structures with other purposes.   What for?  I don’t know – but the picture was of the whole isthmus being a hive of activity – pilgrimage goings-on in the main complex – maybe more functional stuff outside it?

Just my tuppenceworth – but it would be groovy if Janina made a telly programme about the Ness – like she did with Catal Huyuk and Knossos….



Steve Drury Presents….

A weird wee beastie…


Imagine them ten foot long – the stuff that Science Fiction movies are made of….munching their way across the planet….leaving gynormous piles of poo!


Limiting Life In Britain….

Students coming  to study in Britain not only enrich the economy by their financial contributions, they also enrich society by their involvement in and exchanges with the people of Britain. 

People who arrive as students sometimes then stay and get work  - thereby enriching society further by adding to the level of excellence in various areas of education, industry, the Arts….and Medicine. 

Or, having completed their studies, some return home and encourage others to come to Britain to study, thereby generating more income for Britain.

This recent approach to ‘outsiders’ by the English Government will impoverish Britain in many ways….


What is wrong with them?  The Government that is, not the students.


Here’s one I made earlier….. https://theorkneynews.scot/2019/07/01/a-tale-of-bannockburn/


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