Food Glorious Food!......One Of A Kind…...Where Now For Independence For Scotland?.....

by Bernie Bell - 07:34 on 24 November 2022


I followed the link on Bartholomew’s blog page  https://bartbarkerpoet.com/  and read Dawn Pisturino’s review of his book of foodie poetry ‘Milkshakes & Chilidogs’….


The saying ‘It takes one to know one’ came to mind.  Bartholomew has often exhibited his not only enjoyment but delectation, appreciation and revelling-in-the-joys-of food - in fact one of the first poems I came across by him was ‘Blame the Dogs’….

Blame the Dogs

I walk around in a fat suit
because too many chilidogs
have dared me to see how much content
can be pumped between their buns
double chili — extra cheese
a pickle spear to my heart

I can hear them meeting at night
in my fridge while I’m sitting up
in bed— oesophagus on fire
they’re guiding me to that golden
all you can eat buffet in the sky
while the milkshakes egg them on

….and I thought –  I can empathise with that. 

Some years ago I spent some time in Naples visiting a friend who was teaching there, where having a meal is always a celebration.  Whole  families gather in restaurants of an evening to eat, drink, talk, tease, argue. I loved it, but if I lived there I’d be the size of a house – wonderful food.  Wonderful people.

Dawn quotes Bartholomew to great effect – the lusciousness of food and the semi-erotic sensuality of some of our associations with food - which brought to mind these words….

“Feed each other blueberries
With our lips revelling
in primal nature”


A Southern Farmers Market

Summer sun freckles your shoulders
I follow your cotton dress
Between stalls carrying canvas bags
Soon overflowing with booty
From our morning expedition

Cauliflower white yellow
And unbelievably purple
Fondled by your whisper long fingers
While choosing the ideal
Head for greedy consumption

Greens mustard collard turnip
Fibrous deep verdant
Leaves that will shrivel
To potent nutrition
With vinegar and fatback

​The canvas cornucopia
Spills across our kitchen table
You prepare a lunch
Sharpened with flavors
Purchased mere minutes ago

We eat on the deck
Ignore air conditioning
Feed each other blueberries
With our lips revelling
in primal nature

Oh my.


I can’t resist adding a poem by friend Wendy about the simple pleasure of eating chips….and of eating with your fingers…

Small things

Sitting in a van

in the rain

watching the sea foam

through misting windows,


pulling open paper wrapping

the appetising smell

smacks us in the face

as waves slap on the beach


herring gull stands

sideways on, one eyed

one-legged, thinking

of chips, waiting


bite through the crispy fried

outer layer into hot soft potato

satisfied chewing and munching

snug in the dry warm cab


breathing, steaming, eating

staring into blurry horizon

through steady play of rain

splashing on the screen


tip tap tapping on the roof

trickling down the gulleys

mouths and fingers full of chips

delighting in this.

Wendy Alford       October 2012

Another of my Mum’s wise sayings…”Fingers were made before forks.”


Wilko Johnson…


Words don’t really tell it…his playing …does….  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBBfVBqQif8


Independence For Scotland?.....

Robert Leslie says it more clearly than I would – I tend to get stroppy – so, here’s Robert Leslie…


And to those who say that Scotland had a choice and chose ‘NO’ – that was seven years ago.  Things change – things have changed – a lot.

I’m going to post this again….

The People’s Flag

The People’s flag

Is brightest blue

Crossed by a broad

White line or two.


It stands for Scotland

Standing free

Not bound by force

Or adversity.


So raise the blue-bright

Banner high

Beneath its shade

We’ll live and die


Though cowards flinch

And traitors sneer

We’ll keep the Saltire

Flying here!


BB – 2021


Here’s one I made earlier…. https://theorkneynews.scot/2019/06/20/artificial-intelligence/


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