When Life-forms Get Out Of Balance…..Wise Dog….Stormy Weather…..

by Bernie Bell - 08:24 on 18 November 2022

When Life-forms Get Out Of Balance….

I was wondering where Steve Drury had got to – and then this arrived in my inbox…


It’s a strong reminder that all of life is connected and that balance is vital. Excess often produces harmful repercussions.  Well worth considering in these times of…excess.


Wise Dog….

Border Collies are something else.


Note though – she was scared by a firework…..

Rich Hall knows Collies…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5BqUsEF63kE


Some people scare dogs - some people love them... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-63683314


Stormy Weather…

The weather is vile, absolutely vile - beyond dreich.  I’m stuck indoors wondering what to do with myself, as I’ve been unwell and can’t be active.  I started to browse in ‘Frontiers’ - the on-line magazine of the Orkney International Science Festival - and came across some pieces by Amy Liptrot ……. https://frontiersmagazine.org/riches-from-the-sea/  who has found fame with her novel ‘The Outrun’ - which is going to be filmed in Orkney! 

I haven’t read the book – having a troubled mind of my own, I tend to avoid reading potentially harrowing tales – more now than ever – but having had my interest piqued by Amy’s pieces in ‘Frontiers’, I ‘Googled’ and read this review of her book by Will Self….. https://www.theguardian.com/books/2016/jan/22/the-outrun-amy-liptrot-review-by-will-self  who I remember being aware of as a public figure himself – with his own addictions.

I don’t know what Amy made of his review in the Guardian -  but I read it, and how it describes the struggles of those who live with a strong awareness  reminded me of a piece of writing by one of my friends who also is troubled - though settling somewhat as she ages.

“Bless Our Indomitable Souls

If we come to earth consciously from heavenly realms then we’re either fundamentally insane, or, we’ve inescapably adventurous souls, because we all dare enter a place full of danger and unknown outcomes.

My soul’s latest adventure started when thrown into incognizance from the warm, nurturing nest of home, landing defiantly on this harsh planet – fearful, bewildered and desperately homesick. My offenders relayed to me with compassion that this was necessary for the interests of my soul’s purpose; that they couldn’t intervene, only watch empathetically the intense unhappiness I experienced in the first episodes of life.

How can the soul enjoy adventuring in a soulless, dehumanising environment such as I found myself in, where to breathe is a crime, to exist a punishable offence?.... It cannot; instead, from necessity, compulsory searching in the dark night of the soul befalls. Innate spirit activates deep critical examination of the inner and outer world as it appears in all its madness, attempting to crystallise an escape route for survival.

Without normalcy to compare with and nothing perceivable to lose, the soul is game for anything; exploring boldly, indiscriminately, any experience that might shed light on personal peace and meaning. Hence, from that black hole evolved a cornucopia of extreme, incongruous, adventures, encompassing sexuality, drugs, crime, and being almost murdered. A crash course in abundant unpleasantness!

.... A clever strategy indeed, because only complete saturation of the unrewarding enabled my inquisitive, indomitable soul to piece together what I like and deserve, and to recognise my gifts, true qualities, and potential.

Sally Asher”

I also wonder what Amy’s Dad made of how their life is presented in this review – I know John – a good Moothie player.  Moothie?...... https://stooryduster.co.uk/scottish-word/moothie/

The writer of this article is obviously sympathetic, and it will have done Amy’s reputation as a writer good to appear in a ‘Guardian’ review – but how situations are presented to the public by folk who weren’t there aren’t always …quite how they are or how they were.

There will be great excitement in Orkney when the film is being made here …. https://www.stylist.co.uk/entertainment/saoirse-ronan-the-outrun-cast-plot-trailer-release-date/618432

I probably won’t watch the film either – as with my choice of reading material - I’m going for things to lift me from the Pit and the Wasteland….  https://theorkneynews.scot/2019/04/13/the-pit-the-wasteland/   I follow my instincts about what I need, and don’t need.

It looks like Amy has regained/is regaining her equilibrium – and that’s good to see.   It’s even better if a person can find some balance when they are young – then they can….live.

I also remembered reading  this, which someone sent me when she thought I needed it…….

“The Dark Night of the Soul

In 2015 I was officially introduced to the Knight (No this isn't a misspelling) by Charleen, my life was in turmoil (so I thought), ...for the past 3 years I was hitting situation after situation. All of them incredibly life changing, bringing up fear, lack, hate and judgement. I was losing people so close to me, my daughter, my father and my partner were the three most significant and all situations were utter madness. The world I had once felt relatively safe in had become a war zone. Even my home felt unsafe as I had experienced an aggravated burglary. My career stripped away too, I was once a Director of a successful company.

Everything I once knew as real had become unreal or broken....so I thought.

To give you a brief background, I was an awake child, it was normal to speak to spirit, to know things, to see things and when I sat a place at the table for my "so called" imaginary friend, trust me he sat there and laughed at my Mother who neither of us liked very much. My life from a child was full of upheavals, no love from my Mother and I always felt like I had to watch my back. There is more to that story but you get the picture.
There had in fact, now I look back, a number of visitations by the Dark Knight but my will was very strong to be the most successful human I could and make it against all the odds. Materialism had become very important to me because I was around people who valued what you owned/become more than who you are.

I guess looking at my "Will to succeed" and the power behind it, was only ever going to trigger the Dark Knight to use equal amounts of force to put me back on my path. Something now I'm quite proud of because it's shows my strength, resilience and tenacity. At the time....it hurt like hell!

3 years of situation after situation I finally found my key in Charleen. Completely desperate to make sense of what was happening she chuckled and said this is ascension and that is the Dark Night of your soul. Immediately my mind envisaged this tall Knight dressed in black armour here to annihilate me. He looked terrifying, the energy too powerful for me to even try to combat and stop. He was cold, ruthless, he sat in judgement, he was in control of my life....or so it felt.

My only choice was to surrender, which I might add was an ongoing power struggle that ended up having me almost losing my life to a burst appendix. The Dark Knight wasn't messing around and if I wasn't to listen or fully surrender then I was about to be stopped in my tracks....which I most certainly was.

Whilst I lay recovering in my hospital bed I became friends with my Dark Knight and he unfolded all of the mysteries as to why I had experienced this.

I wasn't meant to be locked in a matrix of materialism, I wasn't meant to be "just" the wife of another or successful in a spiritually meaningless career. I wasn't to be there for those who weren't prepared to take responsibility for themselves and didn't care for me as I did them. However each experience I had over my life time were in fact lessons, practical work to the theory I was later going to physically study. I can even see now that the crown of Sun Queen I had given myself wasn't about sun bathing but was later going to be the very thing I was most passionate about....its energy. Everything I once was had been pulled apart and stripped away.

Then comes the void, the quiet period, the healing, the recalibration, the learning, the understandings to innerstandings, the cocoon.

By this stage the Dark Knight had taken off his armour and would sit with me regularly, underneath his armour was a pink glow of Divine energy. Underneath all that dark metal was in fact LOVE.

He told me that I can't focus on ALL when I'm focused on an individual. He told me that everyone has their own path, their own lessons and because of my strength many will try and slipstream my energy and because of the strength of my love and therefore healing that I was acting as sticky plasters for them. Halting their own progress and information gathering.
I accepted with grace that those I had loved were now free to experience their own lessons without my interference.
He told me that every experience held a valuable lesson of self-love, he explained about density and allowing the light to expand within me can only happen as density leaves. He explained to me that I had a greater purpose than to just be my human version and that I was going to help people understand their awakening and how energy works.

He also told me he would be back, armoured once more because my human was very headstrong. He kept that promise as he returned in 2016. Only this time I knew EXACTLY what was happening and how to manoeuvre through.

The Dark Night of your Soul sounds so daunting, and it is until you take of its armour and give up the fight. To be fair the armour that comes off isn't from this giant of a man called A Knight, it is YOUR armour of defence. I guess the powerful being I first saw was in fact ME and boy was she a force.
When we experience these energetic folds they are in fact change points, direction changes, that are forced when we don't listen to the inner voice, your intuition.
When the Knight enters everything in that moment that is not in line with your soul path is removed. Anything that does not vibrate at the same frequency that you are rising to must go.

The more painful it is shows the power behind your resilience to the change. It is you that's hurting you and not the situation that is presenting and the moment this is energetically realised the pain becomes a distant memory. The moment the lesson is digested the moment the healing takes place. Hence the voids, which many find uncomfortable too, the human reacts because due to the drama that's been surrounding you for such a long time the body gets addicted to the chemicals it uses to get you through such as adrenaline, dopamine and oxytocin. This then signals a healing void. This also may suggest attachment issues and all of these things needs addressing within these voids.

The Dark Night of the Soul is asking you to go within, it's asking for you to love you, it's asking you to stop looking "out there" and realise EVERYTHING you have been attaching to out there is screaming from within.

Love the Dark Knight, he is you
Love your voids, they are for you
Let go and step into the flow

The Dark Night of the Soul is where all the magic happens, it is the cocoon that keeps the caterpillar safe whilst it transforms into the beautiful butterfly. It is a large chunk of density leaving at once, it is growth and expansion.
Energetically it will feel like your absolute limit but it's showing you the power of YOU, the strength YOU hold.

The only thing locking you into the pain is your mind, take your mind to the higher perspective of what is actually happening and the process becomes easier to sail through.”

A Gift From Gaia

By the way – I remember the stinky whale at Sandwick…. https://theorkneynews.scot/2018/04/20/orkney-walks-marwick-bay-left-or-right/


Here’s one I made earlier…. https://theorkneynews.scot/2019/06/06/whos-who/


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