What Happened To Integrity – Personal or Political?......Nurses….

by Bernie Bell - 10:59 on 13 November 2022

What Happened To Integrity – Personal or Political?....

So, no action is being taken about this breach of Lockdown rules….. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-63596886 ..and in this article we are reminded that the person who is now Prime Minister of England was fined for breaking those rules - and I quote….”Mr Johnson and his then-chancellor Rishi Sunak paid fixed-penalty notices over a gathering held for Mr Johnson's 56th birthday.”

Meanwhile, the public were not allowed to gather together or meet indoors.  People were also not allowed to visit people in hospital etc. etc. - absolutely correctly, as these regulations/protections were needed…… https://theorkneynews.scot/2022/05/22/contradictions-part-six/

There now appears to be some kind of collective amnesia about how the people in power - those who made and implemented the rules - then flouted the rules and are now still in power or, as in the case of Rishi Sunak, have even more power.

One of them is labelled a ‘celebrity’ – and is in a jungle eating yucky things and having horrid things happening to him - serves him right too – but it gets him publicity which will earn him money.

What is wrong with British politics? 

As Nye Bevan said – ‘Why Not Trust The Tories?’


PS Re. Matt Hancock.....




For most of her working life my eldest sister was a nurse, and she was very much involved in the Union.  At one point the nursing staff in the hospital where she worked were building up to taking strike action for better pay and conditions. The Management tried  to ‘guilt’ them by emphasising how important their work was – for example, that patients who died might not be dealt with properly - which would be hard for the bereaved. 

Bridget was quite a hard woman and no-one’s fool and her answer, as Union Rep. was that it would be easy enough to avoid the strike – all Management had to do was give the nurses reasonable pay and conditions of work. 

The dispute was resolved and the strike didn’t happen.  I should mention that this was in Ireland, where there is no NHS, and so negotiations such as that can be more direct.  It is, however, a good example of how the work that nurses do is seen as being too vital for them  to even consider taking strike action, and therefore they are expected to put up with whatever pay and conditions are meted out to them.

Nurses striking seems almost un-thinkable, but – what are they supposed to do?

I previously wrote this….


We ‘Care’

Are said to be

A ‘Caring Society’

Old Folks Homes

Are now ‘Care Homes’

And those who work in them

Are ‘Carers’.


People who work in ‘Caring Professions’

Are expected to do so

Because they ‘Care’

And so

Are expected to not ‘Care’

About low pay.


A Caring Society

But -

We’re not -

We don’t -



As long as those with Covid

Are in hospital

Where we can’t see them

We don’t Care.

We gather together -

And have parties.


As long as the ice is melting

And the fires are burning -


We don’t Care.

BB - April 2022


And this….. https://theorkneynews.scot/2021/02/17/ive-been-thinking-about-nurses/

If anyone reading  this is a nurse, or knows a nurse or nurses, you’ll know that this is so.


Here’s one I made earlier…. https://theorkneynews.scot/2019/05/04/a-stroll-through-stromness/



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