An Antidote…..What We Did On 19th Sept. 2022………..

by Bernie Bell - 08:06 on 20 September 2022

An Antidote…..What We Did On 19th Sept. 2022………..


Simple as that.


We’ve done the Breck to Bu walk in Orphir many times….



Monday the 19th of September 2022 was a beautiful, sunny, Autumn Orkney day - so we did it again. 

The stretch of path between Breck and the Bu has been eroding for years – this time we noticed that a great chunk of cliff had fallen, taking part of the wall with it….

Along the path there are a lot of places where the cliff edge looks firm, but looking at it from the side you can see that it’s an over-hang, ready to fall at any time….

We were talking with a family who were walking the path and I was telling them about Dunwich Village, near where we used to live in Suffolk and about how much of the old village has been lost to the sea.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dunwich

Not quite as dramatic, but areas of the Orcadian coastline are also eroding rapidly….



And, more famously, at Skaill Bay/Skara Brae.... 


What we saw of how the Breck to Bu path is receding was of much greater interest to me than the costly excesses of the funeral of the last Queen of England.

Onto the beach, and across the river ( wellies are needed) and I wonder if the folk who set up the stoat traps are getting creative…… https://www.orkneynativewildlife.org.uk/.  This one incorporates some old metal to become a piece of beach art!


We found slivers of fossil fish in some stones on the beach…

From the Bu, taking the road back to Breck, we diverted into the little patch of woodland – it’s the time of year for finding fungi…..




Sitting on a low branch

In a wood

"What's that?"

"A leaf, falling.

There goes another one."


Home many people get to hear that

These days?

We're privileged  

To live here.


We hear leaves falling

Birds singing.


See planets, stars


Orion. The Bear.


Goldfinches on seed-heads.

Harrier swooping by.


BB 20.9.'22


Here’s one I made earlier …….  https://theorkneynews.scot/2018/07/17/what-used-to-happen-at-the-ness-is-still-happening-at-the-ness/


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