A bit of a grumble ...plus......

by Bernie Bell - 11:35 on 22 July 2022

A Bit of a Grumble….Plus…..All Sorts…..

Sometimes it’s as though my body is in a constant state of Civil War. It’s my body, but bits of it rebel and won’t do what they’re supposed to do. 

This morning it was my knees – they rebelled against serving the purpose of knees – refused to bend.

They’re all bits of me - they should do what they’re told – but they rebel – constantly.  Breathing never works right – digestion definitely iffy – muscles randomly go into spasm - eyesight rubbish.

Civil War and Civil Disobedience.

My teeth aren’t too bad, for my age, they look a bit – well - old ladyish…..some gaps and a ‘fang’ - but I can still eat Thornton’s Special Toffee – amazing really.

Hearing a bit iffy – years of listening to loud bands in small rooms – but it’s OK if I turn the sound up to 11.

‘It’s my blog and I’ll moan if I want to

Groan if I want to

Moan if I want to

You would moan too

If it happened to you.’

On the other hand…I wrote this a while ago to another old person who was having a bit of a moan…

“When we look back our childhood and youth can seem like the 'time of our life'.  If we're fortunate enough to have a good family, we can have had a happy life.  No real responsibilities, we just live, go along, relatively thoughtlessly.  My childhood was a happy one, with a loving family, school-days which were no trouble to me.  The 'presences' in the house where we lived, frightened and disturbed me, but my main feeling when I look back, is of a happy childhood, spent with people and animals who loved me and plenty of space to wander about in.  Then youth - many 'good times' in my teens and at college.  Still not much responsibility, some 'heart-breaks' - or I thought they were at the time!  But they didn't really infringe on the general tone of my life. 

These times were lived quite thoughtlessly, as in, without thought.  In my teens and early woman-hood, I 'thought' a lot, as did my friends, we discussed, endlessly, what it was all about - but we still lived thoughtlessly.  We hadn't 'taken life on'.

I recently realised, that these are the times of my life.  Because now I've taken on LIFE.  I've taken responsibility.  I have some idea of what I'm here to do, and I embrace that.  I don't just 'take it on' as a task - I embrace it.  When good times happen they are particularly good because I'm aware of what's happening.  I'm awake and alert to what's happening in my life.  I live with active, participating thought. 

Though this also applies to the hard times.  I've take it on, all of it, with thought.  I now live, truly thoughtfully, as in, with thought and through thought about what I do, and about what happens to me, and what is happening around me.  Therefore, I think this is the 'Time of my Life'.  I had a good childhood, and enjoyed myself in my youth, but this is the time. 

The past times led to this - they were all part of the process, good and 'bad' - and this time is still part of that process, but a more conscious part.

To quote Robert Plant's song, 'Shine It All Around'......

"These are the times of my life

Bright and strong and golden

This is the way that I choose when the deal goes down."

So, these are the Times of Our Lives.  O.K.  we're a bit stiff and a bit creaky, physically, maybe can't do what we used to be able to do, and it can sometimes actually feel harder to take things on and deal with things.  But, emotionally, spiritually, we're stronger and clearer.  We've made choices, and still do, but with more thought and awareness.”

I don’t always feel that optimistic, especially since Covid arrived - and stayed -  but I still try to ……https://theorkneynews.scot/2017/11/05/keep-on-keeping-on/


Here I Go Again…..

Readers of this blog ( and I have no idea how many or few that entails – I haven’t worked out how to find out!)  will get used to me including references to archaeology – like this one…. 


I love the limpet installation – obviously another member of the Limpet Appreciation Society … https://theorkneynews.scot/2022/05/10/more-fun-with-limpets/

Aaaaannnd….. https://www.nessofbrodgar.co.uk/dig-diary-what-a-day-flint-incised-art-dressers-and-a-pollisoir/

We’re meaning to go to the Ness next week – if this piggin’ bod of mind will let me!!!  That reminded me, of this……


I want to get away from this body

Away from things hurting



Feeling bad.



I remember what this body gives me –

The enjoyment of good food

Sitting by the pond

Watching all the life there


Especially walking on high places.



I’m ready for that again

To get up high

Re-connect with myself

The self in this sad old bod.

That’s just the bod

It’s not me.


Me –

Feels, enjoys, flies, dances, goes up, goes down.


Me and my bod.



Feet Firmly Planted – sculpture at Ewe Garden Sculpture Trail, West Cork, Republic of Ireland.


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