Mostly About Critters

by Bernie Bell - 07:47 on 15 July 2022

Mostly About Critters

Firstly…… https://theorkneynews.scot/2022/05/13/dogs-die-in-hot-cars/  They do – so think on.

And……I received a request from Wild Justice https://wildjustice.org.uk/  and thought I’d share it with anyone reading my blog – I have no idea how many, or few, people that entails but – nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Here goes…..

“Good morning!  This newsletter has only one purpose - we are asking you to take c20 minutes to respond to a consultation on general licences in Northern Ireland. It is important that you do (please) respond because otherwise improvements to the licences that we have achieved through our successful legal challenge  - see here - might be lost. Also, we feel there is more to be gained if we can secure a strong response.  Anyone, living anywhere in the UK can respond to the consultation but if you do live in Northern Ireland then your response will probably be even more valuable.

There are 45 questions but not all of them need to be answered and some require only a choice between YES and NO although a few words of explanation would probably be useful too.

Here is the link to the consultation - click here - and the closing date is Thursday 21 July.

The questions are grouped in four sections; one for each of the three general licences and a few general questions at the end. Wild Justice is most concerned that the so-called conservation licence is reformed properly - if you are strapped for time then please at least answer questions 30-38.

Such consultations are a bit tedious but we know that vested interests such as shooters will respond to the consultation and put pressure on the Northern Ireland authorities to go backwards rather than forwards.  

That's it for now - no asks for money or help in publicising the newsletter, just a big thank you for your support.

Wild Justice (Directors: Mark Avery, Chris Packham and Ruth Tingay).”


A couple of archaeology updates…. 

Firstly...... https://www.nessofbrodgar.co.uk/dig-diary-a-day-of-drains-on-a-site-abuzz-with-activity/

Which reminded me of this....

Thoughts about the drain, discovered at the Ness

It’s not just Sky-stones,
Carved Balls,
Painted Walls.

It’s the basics of life.

Making, Breaking.
The fragments which can say so much,
To those who pay attention.

Butchery – How?
Placement – Why?
Careful noting of the smallest detail,
Builds the picture.

The beauty, matters.
Beauty, simply, does.

“Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or
believe to be beautiful.”

The principle, works down the ages.

Beauty, mystery, and…..practicality.


Bernie Bell August 2015

and.... https://www.swandro.co.uk/post/it-s-only-rock-and-roll-but-welike-it

The mention of Elvire finding a bead at Swandro reminded me of this…… https://theorkneynews.scot/2019/06/17/the-varied-beauty-of-ancient-beads/


And - here’s one I made earlier…… https://theorkneynews.scot/2022/03/13/easy-pizza/.  Then we ate it!



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