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RKT.001 (ROC.1001)

1. Joan Baxter and Hal Prince                   I WANT TO STAY HERE

2. The Ravers                                               I'LL NEVER GET OVER YOU

3. The Batchelor Girls            YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE A BABY TO CRY

RKT.001 (ROC.1002)

1. Frank Bacon and the Baconeers            SHE LOVES YOU

2. Joan Baxter                                               EASIER SAID THAN DONE

3. Hal Prince                                                   IT'S ALL IN THE GAME

  RKT.002 (ROC.1003)

1. Frank Bacon and the Baconeers            DO YOU LOVE ME

2. The Spartans featuring                             APPLEJACK

     Don Sanford (Guitar) and Frank King (Drums)

3. Tony Steven                                                WISHING

RKT.002 (ROC.1004)

1. Joanna Bell                                               THEN HE KISSED ME

2. Tony Steven                                              STILL

3. Hal Prince                                                 IF I HAD A HAMMER

 RKT.003 (ROC.1005)

1. The Town Sparrows                             SUGAR AND SPICE

2. Lisa Sidney                                            I (WHO HAVE NOTHING)

3. Hal Prince                                              EVERYBODY

RKT.003 (ROC.1006)

1. Maggie Roberts                                    BE MY BABY

2. Tony Steven                                           THE FIRST TIME

3. Derek Player                                          BLUE BAYOU

 RKT.004 (ROC.1007)

1. Tony Steven and the Mischief Makers    I'LL KEEP YOU SATISFIED

2. Tony and Laura                                           DEEP PURPLE

3. The Foresters                                              BLOWING IN THE WIND

RKT.004 (ROC.1008)

1. Maggie Roberts                                          SECRET LOVE

2. Hal Prince                                                    FOOLS RUSH IN

3. Frank Bacon                                           YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE

 RKT.005     Unknown

RKT.006 (ROC.1011)

1. Frank Bacon                             HIPPY HIPPY SHAKE

2. The Town Sparrows               I'M THE ONE

3. Suzanne Scott                         AS USUAL

RKT.006 (ROC.1012)

1. Hal Prince                               POISON IVY

2. Maggie Roberts                    BABY, I LOVE YOU

3. Hal Prince                              I WANNA BE YOUR MAN




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