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Free Bali Travel Tips and Information

Welcome to our site, free online information provider about Bali travel and related issues. The whole information shared here hopefuly could help newbies who want to visit Bali for vacation or other porpuses in planning their trips. Bali has many things to support visitors need.

Do you want to visit Bali for vacation? If yes is your answer, then explore this site to find some information to help you in planning your Bali vacation. Bali accommodation, activities and transpotation available will be reviews here. Why do you need such information?

Each vacationer should be has their own vacation desire which is differenced one another. The information mentioned to guide you to choose which places of interests you will visit? What activities are you prefer? Which Bali hotels or Bali villas are suite your need? Such simple information will help you to get the best achievement for your vacation.

If you want to explore Bali island without using a travel agent services, you may select one of the available transportation in this island. There are many taxi, Bali car rentals and motor bike rentals availble here. There are many locals who work as freelance driver as well and they will offer tour service with some reasonable rates. These freelancer mostly have good experience and good English speaker. No matter which transportation will you choose, don't forget to do a nice negotiation to get some discount. Don't be shy to bargain in Bali. Simply do it in a friendly way.

Interesting? Explore this site and you will find some useful information in planning your next traveling in Bali. If you don't find the information needed, simply send us an email and we will reply you shortly.

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