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Our best friends often struggle with the demands that our modern life-style puts on them. They may develop unwanted or difficult behaviors and perhaps show issues with 'family dynamics'.


With the help of the Unicorn Codes we can identify what bothers them deep inside. Their trouble may stem from inherited problems or even go back to past lives. A pet rescued from a shelter or even a puppy mill is almost guaranteed to have emotional trauma still in their energy system, no matter how well they have been treated since.


You can help them release these harsh burdens and allow them to be the loving, playful and carefree companions they long to be for you. Gift them a Unicorn Code session and release the love bug in them!



Payment terms, cancellation policy and disclaimer for distance treatments:

Please send your payment at least 48 hours beforehand to confirm your session.

No refunds for cancellations with 24 hours or less notice.
No refunds on special package offers.

Please note that Emotion Code and Unicorn Empowerment sessions are emotion release protocols and do not constitute medical treatment. We do not accept any responsibility or liability for your experience. We advise you to consult your medical practitioners for any health issues you may be concerned about.

Payment constitutes acceptance of these terms

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