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Emotion Code Treatments

The Emotion Code was developed by Dr Bradley Nelson over the past few decades. In his practice as a chiropractor he came to the conclusion that the majority of our ailments stem from 'trapped emotions' in our energy system. Those happen when we experience something that we can't handle. The negative energy that is created gets stored and over time causes disturbances and blockages that eventually lead to disease.


The Emotion Code is a system that identifies trapped emotions whether they are old or current, and releases them in order to free us from old baggage. That allows us to meet life with clarity and freshness, perhaps find new approaches that help us deal with things on a new level.


I love the Emotion Code because it is a gentle yet incredibly powerful way of releasing life's big and small traumas, regardless of when they took place. Working with consciousness it is not bound by space and time, therefore making it an ideal tool for distance treatments. 

Wonderful for pets as well!


Payment terms, cancellation policy and disclaimer for distance treatments:

Please send your payment at least 48 hours beforehand to confirm your session.

No refunds for cancellations with 24 hours or less notice.

No refunds on special package offers.

Please note that Emotion Code and Unicorn Empowerment sessions are emotion release protocols and do not constitute medical treatment. We do not accept any responsibility or liability for your experience. We advise you to consult your medical practitioners for any health issues you may be concerned about.

Payment constitutes acceptance of these terms

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