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Of the wide variety of sources used in researching this website, most are complimentary, some are intriguingly contradictory and a few, a very few, appear to be misguided at best and totally inaccurate at worst.

I have tried to weave all these sources into a single narrative and consequently it is simply not possible to acknowledge within the text the specific source or sources involved.

Unfortunately most of Celtic's records were lost in a fire in the 1920's. In consequence the information given regarding Alec's playing career with Celtic and his scoring record with them has had to be assembled from newspaper reports (and a variety of other sources.) These do not always list the players in the teams or who scored goals so these records are inevitably incomplete at this stage.  Hopefully further research will help fill in the gaps

I would gratefully acknowledge  the following published sources..

"Willie Maley - The Man who made Celtic" by David Potter
"Dreams & Songs to Sing" by Tom Campbell & Pat Woods
 "An Alphabet of the Celts" by Eugene Macbride, Martin O'Connor & George Sheridan - foreword by Sean Fallon
"Rangers - The Complete Record" by Bob Ferrier & Robert McIlroy
'Crowd Behaviour at Football Matches - A Study in Scotland', published on behalf of the Football Trust in 1984.

Archives of several newspapers including The Glasgow Herald, The Daily Record and The Scotsman
Several related websites (see LINKS)

Further thanks go to...

Celtic Football Club
The Scottish Football Museum
Tom Tulloch-Marshall for carrying out WW1 research
Bert Bell for information relating to Third Lanark

Please forgive me if I have inadvertently missed anyone out.

David F.M. Carmichael
Eldest Grandson of Alec Bennett
September 2010








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