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standards of play
Today was the second time i have seen the team play , and i have to confess that i might be a bad luck charm for the team as every time i go there they dont seem to have much luck .

I am writing today to say that the standard of play today was very much improved from last time , it has to be said that both times you were playing a much higher team .

The defence was good and the goalie was in my opinion was man of the match well done .

The team did not seem to give up when behind but kept going and creating chances but sadly not being able to convert them to goals but well played to one and all for keeping going .

And captain , i hope the shoulder gets better soon.

Steve (gobby)
Posted by steve edwards on 21 September 2008
Site views

Thanks for the mention on the right hand side, also the site seems to be getting quite a few hits.

Posted by Tom Coates on 13 April 2007
Pleased to be of service. I just wish I know who was making all the hits!

Posted by Simon Patterson on 14 April 2007

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