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Introducing The Saline Drips

Early in October 2015 the world was told that scientists have discovered open salty water on Mars. This could mean that pools of salty slime may lie in sheltered spots ...and who knows what amoeba - like creatures might lie dormant within them...?

One week later the Morning Star newspaper in Britain published episode one of 'The Saline Drips' by one of their regular cartoonists, Stella Perrett.

This website will carry all episodes of the Drips, published or unpublished. Please contact the artist if you wish to re-print episodes:


"Je Suis Charlie"

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Intro epidode: Fred, the Leader of The Saline Drips, tries to unite them against the Mars Rovers who he sees as a threat.

Unfortunately for Fred, dormancy is the Drips default posiiton.

The Drips are microscopic creatures living in a salty slime pool on Mars. They can see the Earth but can only speculate on what goes on there and why humans do what they do.

The only alien life form they have contact with locally are the Mars Rovers, who they cannot communicate with.

The discovery of open salt water on Mars was announced only weeks after the election of Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party.

This caused a disturbance in the slime pool...


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