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The name of the group will be the South Loch Ness Access Group.


To encourage and develop responsible off-road access for walkers and riders in the South Loch Ness Area. To promote the Scottish Outdoor Access Code. To liaise with other access groups in the surrounding areas.


The management and control of the property, funds and affairs of the group shall be vested in the committee, who shall be elected at a General Meeting. The committee shall consist of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, General Secretary, Treasurer, Minute Secretary and Press Secretary and up to four other persons. The Quorum of the committee shall be four.


An Annual General Meeting of the group shall be held at such place, hour and on such a day of the month of January as the committee may appoint. At least fourteen days notice of the Annual General Meeting shall be given by posting the requisite notice in the local press and on public notice boards.


The committee shall submit to the Annual General Meeting the accounts and balance sheet of the group together with their annual report. The accounts shall be independently audited if the group at the Annual General Meeting shall so decide.


The committee may, at times call an Extraordinary Meeting for the purpose of considering any questions affecting the interests or constitution of the group and shall be bound to do so within four weeks of the receipt of a written requisition signed by twelve or more persons. In all cases the purpose of the meeting must be specified in the form of a Resolution. At least fourteen days notice must be given.


At all general and extraordinary meetings:-

a)     All persons who attend shall be entitled to be heard and vote

b)     The quorum shall be six

c)     Resolutions must be proposed and seconded and shall be decided by a simple majority of those present and voting at the meeting. The Chairman shall have the casting vote at the meeting.

d)     Notwithstanding paragraph c) above, resolutions adding to, altering or rescinding the Constitution or any part thereof shall require two thirds majority of those present and voting at the meeting.


a)     If the conduct of any person be such as shall, in the opinion of the committee be detrimental to the interest of the group in general, the committee shall have the power, after giving the person whose conduct is in question an opportunity of making an explanation, to expel such a person from the group, provided such decision shall receive the support of two thirds of the full membership of the committee.

b)     A person so expelled shall have the right of appeal to a general meeting of the group provided he intimates his appeal in writing to the Secretary within fourteen days of his receiving his written intimation of his expulsion. On receiving such Notice of Appeal, the Secretary shall forthwith convene a Special General Meeting of the group. Pending the consideration of such appeal, the person shall be suspended from the group and shall not be entitled to any benefits of involvement.

c)     In the event of the decision of the committee being ratified by a simple majority of the members present and voting at such a Special General Meeting, the expulsion of the person appealing shall immediately become effective and shall forfeit all rights within the group.


If, upon dissolution of the group, there remains, after satisfaction of its debts and liabilities, any property whatsoever, the same shall not be paid to or distributed among the persons involved in the group, but shall be given to such other institution, or institutions, having objectives similar to the objectives of the group, as may be determined by the committee at, or before, the time of dissolution. If no determination shall be made, the matter shall be referred to the amicable decision of the Sheriff of the Highlands and Islands, who shall decide to which body or  bodies the remaining funds and assets shall be given or transferred and she shall have particular regard to the objectives of the group.





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