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Ceilidh Band Sets

Gay Gordons

  1. Teribus (D) / High Road to Gairloch (A) / Nut Brown Maiden (D)  MIDI Score
  2. Marie’s Wedding (G) / Uist Tramping Song (G) / I’ll Tell My Ma (G) MIDI Score

St Bernard's Waltz

  1. St Bernard's Waltz (G) / Sine Bhan (D) / Carol’s Trip to Dublin (D) MIDI Score

Pride of Erin Waltz

  1. (Believe Me If) All Those Endearing Young Charms(D) / Mountains of Mourne (G) / Boulavogue (C) / (Believe Me If) All Those Endearing Young Charms (C) MIDI Score

Canadian Barn Dance

  1. Captain Carswell (Am) / Australian Ladies (D) MIDI Score

Military (Boston) Two Step

  1. 18-6 Two Step (G/D/C) MIDI Score

Brittania 2 step

  1. John D Burgess (D) / Athol Gathering (A) MIDI Score

Highland Schottische

  1. Orange and Blue (G) / Kafoozlum (D) / Keel Row (G) MIDI Score

Strip the Willow

  1. Blackthorne Stick (A) / Roarin Jelly(D) / Pet o the Pipers (A) / Rakes o’ Kildare (Am) MIDI  Score
  2. Duke o Perth (G) / Lady McKenzie of Coull (C) / Miss Forbes’ Farewell (G) / Sally Gardens (G) MIDI Score
  3. Scarce o Tatties (Am) / Humours of Glendart (D) / Tenpenny bit (Am) MIDI Score

Dashing White Sergeant

  1. Original (D) / My Love’s but a Lassie yet (D) / Rose Tree (D) / White Cockade (G) / Aiken Drum (G) / Rattlin Bog (Siege of Ennis) (D) / Original (D) MIDI 

Virginia Reel

13.     Turkey in the Straw (G) / I wish I was in Dixie (C) / Banjo on my Knee (G) / Campdown Races (C) / Waiting for the Federals (G) / Marching thru Georgia (G) MIDI Score

  1. Flowers of Edinburgh (G)

4x32 bar reels

15.     Deil Amang the Tailors (A) / Soldiers Joy (D) / Mason’s Apron (A) Score MIDI

4x32 bar jigs

  1. Alyth Tattie Howkers (C) / Caledonian Hunt’s Delight (G) / Shepherd’s Wife (C) MIDI

Scottish Waltzes

  1. Wild Mountain Thyme (D) / Skye Boat Song (G) / Loch Lomond (D) MIDI


  1. All Around my hat (C) / Oro Se Do Bheath Abhaile (Dm) / Bonnie wee Jeannie McColl (G) MIDI
  2. Runrig (D)/Kesh(G)/Shandon Bells(D) Score Midi
  3. Caol Muil (A) Stornoway (A) Morag of Dunvegan (D) MIDI
  4. Jimmy Allan (D) Down by the Riverside (A) Egan's Polka (D) John Ryan's (D)
  5. Barrowburn Reel (D) Calum Donaldson (A) Mickey Ainsworth (D) Score MIDI
  6. Ae Fond Kiss (D) Ye Banks and Braes (G) My Love is Like a Red Red Rose (D)
  7. Alison's Hornpipes (G-D)
  8. Bluebell Polka (G-D-G-C-G)
  9. Swedish Masquerade (G) Score midi
  10. Boys in a Puddle(A)/Snug in a Blanket(D)/Wee Murdie(D)/Rockin the Baby(A) Midi Score
  11. Circassian Circle(G)/Petronella(D)/Davy Knick Knack(G) Midi Score
  12. Sophie's Waltz set
  13. Irish Polkas Score Midi
  14. Homegrown Waltzes Midi  Score
  15. Hopeful Set Score Midi
  16. Cradle Song Waltzes Score Midi
  17. Christmas Reels
  18. Innisheer
  19. Floating From Skerry
  20. Chanter's Tune
  21. Caledonian Fling or other solo of Jan's choice
  22. False Lover Won Back or other unaccompanied song of Laura's choice
  23. Laura's Tune/Braes o Doune - slow reel in G
  24. Hector the Hero (Jim leads thie off in A)
  25. An Paistin Fion Midi (Em)
  26. Stirlingshire Militia Midi (A)
  27. Gowling Hill (Dm) Score Midi/ Gowan Hill (Em) Score Midi
  28. The Stoursooker Set (D) Midi  (Wavescore1 Wavescore2)
  29. Albert's 90th (duet Alison/Jan) Score Midi
  30. Laura and Scott's Wedding Waltz Score midi
  31. Four Green Fields (D)
  32. Gentle Light that Wakes me (A) midi
  33. Happy One Step (G)/Magic Foot (G) midi
  34. Fiddle Tree Jig (D)/Off She Goes (D)/Jackson's (D)/Lilting Fisherman (G/D) midi
  35. Calum's Road (D)/Hut on  Staffin Island (D)
  36. Pacific Ocean set (D)
  37. Octavia's Two Step (G/D/Em/G)
  38. Westphalia Waltz (G)
  39. Ass in the Graveyard (G)
  40. Arran Boat Song (Em)/Butterfly(Em)/Foxhunter(D)
  41. Plastered Again/Slightly Inebriated
  42. Tune for Peter
  43. Bennachie Sunrise/Lazy Days/Airthrey Sunrise
  44. Farewell to Govan
  45. Shifra Tanz
  46. Emma & Jamie's Wedding
  47. The Auld Fiddler
  48. Arkansas Traveller set
  49. Gary & Miho's
  50. Bach (doesn't) meet O'carolan!
  51. Sunday session jig
  52. Leaving Stoer
  53. North Third
  54. Furroe's End
  55. Sarah's Waltz

N.B. This list is no longer being updated so refer to for sets 73-...


N.B. Where a set has 3 tunes, we will usually return to the first tune before finishing




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April 2009






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