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Cover and Contents

Northern Rhodesia
COPY Nº 3606
2m --S953 12-54


Instructions to Officer responsible for this copy
1. Amendments will be effected by reprinting the relevant page. When necessary, complete chapters will be reprinted.
2. Care must be taken to amend the Table of Contents and or List of Appendices whenever additional Orders or Appendices are issued.
3. On leaving the Service this copy, properly amended, must be returned to your Head of Department, or Provincial Commissioner. In the event of failure to return this copy, complete with amendments, the sum of £1 1s. will be recoverable and may be deducted from any leave salary which may be due.

(a) Appointments : General.
1. Classes of appointments.
2. Appointments : by whom made.
3. Local application for appointment.
4. Head of Department to report vacancies.
5. Particulars of vacancy.
6. Appointments limited by the Estimates.
7. Prior authority to be obtained.
8. Termination of appointments to be reported.
9. Medical examination.
10. Vital Statistics Form.
11. Date of appointment.
12. Termination of appointment.
13. Termination of appointment on grounds of general inefficiency.
14. Warning to be recorded.
15. Suspension.
16. Head of Department recommending suspension.
17. Re-engagement of dismissed officer.
18. Engagement of pensioner.
19. Certificate of Service.
20. Liability for refunds by officer resigning, etc.
21. Refunds to be paid prior to departure.
(b) Appointment on Probation.
22. Probationary period.
23. Letter of appointment.
24. Confirmation of officer appointed on probation.
25. Pensionable service : how reckoned.
26. Opportunity to qualify for confirmation.
27. Application for confirmation.
28. Recommendation by Head of Department.
29. Termination of probationary appointment.
30. Recommendation for termination of probationary appointment to be submitted early.
31. Refunds by officer whose probationary appointment is terminated.


TABLE OF CONTENTS-continued.    Amended 1954 2
CHAPTER I-continued.
(c) Appointment on Agreement.
32. Officers not on probation to be on agreement.
33. Types of agreement.
34. Confirmation.
35. Officer on agreement to apply for re-engagement.
36. Head of Department to state whether re-engagement is desirable.
37. Officer to be notified of intention not to re-engage him.
(d) Promotion and Transfer.
38. Promotion : by whom made.
39. Promotion within the Service.
40. Irregular means of seeking promotion.
41. Date from which promotion takes effect.
42. Personal allowance to cease on promotion.
43. Application for transfer to another Dependency or for promotion to posts in Class I and Class II.
44. Application for promotion within the Service : Class III posts.
45. Application for transfer to another department.
46. Offer of transfer to be treated as confidential.
(e) Resignation and Retirement.
47. Resignation subject to Governor's approval.
48. Officer to give notice of desire to retire.
49. Grant of accumulated vacation leave to officer retiring.
50. Age of retirement.
51. Return of officers approaching age of retirement.
(f) Married Female Officers.
53. Resignation may be required on marriage.
54. Conditions of service of married female officers.
55. Married woman accompanying her husband on leave.
56. Leave privileges of part-time officers.

61. Officers subject to Regulations.
62. Posting.
63. Permission required to bring wife.
64. Posting of married officer.
65. Officer to report arrival and departure.
66. Hours of attendance.
67. Absence from duty without leave.
68. Absence from duty owing to ill-health.
69. Officer to report absence on tour.
70. Officers visiting Lusaka to sign the Visitors' Book.
71. Local investments.
72. Acquisition of land by officers.


TABLE OF CONTENTS-continued. Amended 1958 (Series II)    3
CHAPTER II-continued.
73. Trading by officers.
74. Private employment of officers.
75. Contributions to the Press.
76. Publications by officials.
77. Interviews by the Press.
78. Use of official information. 78A. Political activities.
79. Institution of legal proceedings
80. Sale of officer's private property.
81. Serious pecuniary embarrassment.
82. Head of Department to report cases of serious pecuniary embarrassment.
83. Officer arrested or proceeded against in bankruptcy.
84. Arrest or bankruptcy proceedings to be reported.
85. Presents.
86. Presents from Chiefs.
87. Communications with other Colonial Governments.
88. Misconduct to be reported.
89. Transfer due to misconduct.
90. Interviews.
91. Travelling expenses in connection with interviews.
92. Broadcasting by officers.
93. Damage to Government property or motor vehicles.
94. Officers driving Government motor vehicles.


(a) Vacation Leave.
101. Leave not a right.
102. Where leave is to be spent.
103. I.ength of tour.
104. Residential service: how reckoned.
105. When leave may be granted before completion of a minimum tour. 106 Amount of vacation leave.
107. Period of voyage to the United Kingdom.
108. Additional leave for officers travelling on or from leave by air.
109. Period of voyage from the United Kingdom.
110. I.eave on urgent private affairs.
111. Extension of vacation leave.
112. I.eave of an officer attending a course: how reckoned.
113. Other extensions normally without salary.
114. Application for extension of leave.
116. Date of sailing on completion of leave.
117. Officer to travel by correct ship.
118. Deferred leave.
119. All leave to be taken.
120. Leave of transferred officer.
121. Application for leave.


TABLE OF CONTENTS-continued. Amended 1958 (Series III)    4
CHAPTER III-continued.
122. Leave papers.
123. Medical examination prior to departure on leave.
124. Report of arrival in the United Kingdom.
125. Report of illness on the voyage or in the United Kingdom.
126. Medical examination and report of illness of officer spending leave in South Africa.
127. Penalty for non-compliance with preceding Regulations.
128. Salary on leave.
129. Advance of salary on leave.
(b) Local Leave.
130. Amount of local leave.
131. Local leave may not be granted during first eight months of tour, or within one month of end of tour.
132. Local leave may be accumulated.
133. Local leave not granted after local sick leave.
134. Extension of local leave.
135. All expenses to be borne by officer.
136. Application for local leave.
(c) Local Sick Leave.
137. Object of local sick leave.
138. Medical Officer to recommend local sick leave.
139. Recommendation for local sick leave not exceeding one month within the Territory.
140. Report of grant of local sick leave.
141. Recommendation for local sick leave exceeding one month or outside the Territory.
142. Question of invaliding to be considered.
143. Medical Board to examine officer after ninety days' ill health in one year.
144. Pay during absence on sick list or local sick leave.
145. Cost of transport will be borne by the Government.
146. Transport of wife and/or family.
147. Officer to bear cost of transport over any greater distance.
148. Local sick leave outside the Territory excluded from tour of service.
(d) Passages.
149. Normal routes.
150. Officer travelling by abnormal route.
151. Grade of accommodation provided.
152. No compensation if only inferior accommodation available.
153. Passage privilege not convertible into cash.
154. Passages from the United Kingdom to Northern Rhodesia, and vice versa : by whom booked.
155. Cancellation of passage.
156. Passage on first appointment.
156A. Passage for officer attending course prior to appointment,


TABLE OF CONTENTS-continued. Amended 1958 (Series III)    5

CHAPTER III    continued.
157. Passage on leave.
158. Passage of officer on agreement.
159. Passage of officer granted leave on urgent private affairs.
160. Passage of officer when tour not completed.
161. Passage of locally engaged officer.
162. Passage on health grounds.
163. Locally engaged officer prevented from returning for further service as a result of ill health.
165. Passage of officer who is not returning.
166. Return passages on retirement.
167. Expenditure due to extension or postponement of leave.
168. Passages of widow and family of deceased officer.
169. Passages for officer's family.
170. Wife's passage contingent upon that of husband.
171. Officer's wife or family must remain in Territory at least six months to be eligible for free passages.
172. Passages of officer's family on first appointment.
173. Officer travelling by lower grade may apply savings to cost of children's passages.
174. Crown Agents or Financial Secretary (Personnel Branch) to be advised.
175. Officer travelling on or from leave by air.
176. Return passage refund: officer retiring on pension.
177. Return passage agreement.
(e) Railway Transport on Appointment and Leave.
178. Railway journeys in the United Kingdom.
179. Railway journeys in Southern Africa.
180. Officer proceeding on leave by motor vehicle.
181. Rail transport of officer's family.
182. Officer's family to remain in Territory six months to become eligible for transport privileges.
183. Railway transport when officer proceeds on leave on urgent private affairs.
184. Railway tickets: how obtained.
185. Excess baggage allowance.
186. Excess baggage allowance on transfer.

(a) Salaries.
201. Salary on first appointment from overseas.
202. Salary on first appointment of locally engaged officer.
203. Salary of officer transferred.
204. Detention due to sickness.
205. Salary on confirmation of temporary or acting appointment.
206. Salary: where drawn.


TABLE OF CONTENTS-continued.    Amended 1956 6
CHAPTER IV-continued.
207. Salary : when paid.
208. Family remittances.
209. Advance of salary.
210. Advance to purchase a refrigerator.
211. Forfeiture of salary.
212. Increment : definition of.
213. Increment not a right.
214. Incremental date.
215. Salary on promotion.
216. Salary when scale is altered.
217. Procedure when increment due and warrant can be signed.
218. Increment falling due on leave.
219. Withholding of increment.
220. Increment may be "suspended ", " stopped " or "deferred ".
221. Procedure when Increment Warrant cannot be signed.
222. Seniority.
226. Procedure when officer is dee to pass a Promotion Bar.
(b) Acting Allowance.
227. Acting allowance : amount of.
228. Acting allowance : period for which drawn.
229. Acting allowance : not payable during short absence.
230. Acting appointments and reversions will be gazetted.

(a) Rents.
231. Rental contributions.
232. Rental not deducted for temporary quarters.
233. Reduced rental contributions for semi-permanent quarters.
234. Officer to claim exemption or reduced rental contribution.
235. Reduced rentals and shared quarters.
236. Rentals for accommodation in hostels.
237. Officers voluntarily sharing quarters.
238. Rental contribution not payable by officer's wife, son or daughter.
239. Officer accommodated in an hotel.
240. Occupation and vacation of quarters to be notified.
241. Officers not to correspond direct with the Accountant-General.
242. Officer absent on local leave, etc.
243. Officer on vacation leave.
244. Returns to be made to the Accountant-General,


TABLE OF CONTENTS—Continned.    Amended 1956 7
CHAPTER V.—continued.
(b) Housing and Furniture.
245. Care of Government quarters.
246. Alterations may not be made without permission.
247. House furniture.
248. Furnishing Officer; definition and duties of.
249. Furniture inventories.
250. Responsibilities of officers.
251. Care of Government property during temporary absence.
252. Care of contents of unoccupied houses.
253. Responsibility when officers share a house.
254. Repairs to furniture.
255. Furnishing Officer's register.
(c) Camp Equipment.
256. Officers accommodated in temporary quarters.
257. Blankets, cutlery, etc., not provided.
258. Travelling equipment on charge to stations.


TABLE OF CONTENTS—continued. Amended 1958 (Series II) 8
(a) Travelling and Detention Allowance.
261. Travelling allowance: nature and rates of and when payable.
262. When not payable.
263. When payable outside the Territory.
264. Submission of claims.
265. Rates of travelling allowance.
266. Detention allowance.
(b) Outfit Allowance.
267. Outfit allowance.
(c) Transport.
268. Transport by rail.
269. Weight of baggage allowed.
270. Transport of servants.
271. Unused tickets to be returned.
272. Transport by hired motor.
273. Transport by carrier.
274. Officers to exercise economy in transport.
275. Transport of effects of widow and family of deceased officer.
276. Transport of officer's car.
277. Transport by air to countries outside Southern Africa.
278. Upset allowance.
(d) Advance to Purchase Transport. (Under consideration.)
(e) Transport and Mileage Allowance. (Under consideration.)

311. Examinations prior to appointment.
312. Language examinations—Lower Standard.
313. Language examinations—Higher Standard.
314. Civil Service Law Examination.
315. Examinations in Colonial Regulations, General Orders, Financial Orders and Stores Regulations.


TABLE OF CONTENTS-continued. Amended 1958 (Series I) 9 CHAPTER VII-continued.
316. Examinations for Police Officers.
317. Departmental examinations.
318. Penalties for failure to fulfil examination obligations.
319. Governor may prescribe other examinations.
320. Examination obligations of female clerks.
321. Heads of departments to inform officers of Promotion Bar examinations.
322. Examinations in native languages.
323. Native language examinations: entry for.
324. Lower Standard examination.
325. Higher Standard examination.
326. Conduct of examinations.
327. Marks to be obtained.
328. Voluntary language examinations.
329. Interpreter Standard Language examination.
330. Fees payable by persons other than officials who enter for examinations.
331. Law examination.
332. Examination in Colonial Regulations, General Orders, Financial Orders and Stores Regulations.
333. Publication of results.
334. Remuneration for examiners and invigilators.
335. Courses of instruction: allowances.
336. Allowances for voluntary courses.

341. Confidential Reports on certain officers other than officers serving on Research terms.
342. Method of submission.
343. Submission of Personal Record Forms.
344. Confidential Reports on officers serving on Research terms.
345. Confidential Reports on officers serving on probation.
346. Confidential Reports on other Administrative and Professional officers.
347. Confidential Reports on officers other than Administrative and Professional officers.
348. Reports to be submitted at other times.
349. Reports not to be shown to officer.
350. Departmental Annual Reports.
351. Publication of Annual Reports.
352. Distribution of Annual Reports.

355. Medical attendance on officers within the Territory.
356. Medical attendance on officers on duty outside the Territory.
357. Supply of medicines to officers.


TABLE OF CONTENTS-continued. CHAPTER IX-continued.
358. Fees for maintenance in a Government hospital.
359. Recovery of hospital fees.
360. Medical attendance : leave.
361. Medical attendance : officer injured on duty.
362. Government not liable for fees.
363. Admittance to the Osborne Convalescent Home.
364. Medical attendance on wife and children of officer.
365. Officer's wife and children : Government not liable for fees.
366. Travelling expenses of Medical Officer or patient.
367. Medical History Form.
368. Officer must report absence from duty on account of ill-health.
369. Medical Certificate ,to be submitted.
370. Certificate of fitness to resume duty.
371. Monthly return to the Director of Medical Services.
372. Monthly return to the Chief Secretary.
373. Dental treatment.
374. Transport expenses in connection with dental treatment.
375. Medical Board after 90 days ill-health in one year.

381. Channel of communication.
382. Questions to be submitted in complete form.
383. Confirmation of oral directions.
384. Form of correspondence with the Secretariat.
385. Form of communication.
386. Correspondence for the Secretary of State.
387. Classification of files and documents.
388. Grading and security of classified files and documents.
389. Classified files and documents : how transmitted.
390. Head of Department to exercise discretion.
391. Copies of correspondence may not be made for private purposes.
392. Official correspondence not to be disclosed.
393. Copies of departmental correspondence for Provincial Commissioners.
394. Returns from Administrative Officers.
395. Departmental Circulars.
396. Letters from subordinate officers to the Chief Secretary.
397. Letters from the public.
398. Use of rubber name-stamps.
399. Franking of official correspondence.
400. Official telegrams.
401. Stationery : method of requisitioning.
402. Economy in use of stationery.
403. Forms.


TABLE OF CONTENTS—continued. Amended 1957 (Series III)    11
411. Precedence.
412. Civil Uniform: officers entitled to wear.
413. Civil Uniform: when to be worn.
414. Civil Uniform: description.
415. Decorations to be worn,
416. Guards of Honour.
417. Flying the Union Flag.
418. Death of officer to be reported immediately.
419. Reports of death.
420. Administration of estate of deceased officer.
422. Application for patents.
423. Injury to officer.
424. Appointment of Board.
Amended 1958 (Serie8 III)    12

No.    Subject    Order
Referred to
I. Application for appointment to the
Colonial Service    3
II. Vacancy form    ...    ...    ...    5
III. Certificate of medical examination (on
appointment)    ...    9 (a)
IV. Form of vital statistics    10
V. Certificate of service    ...    ...    19
VI. Agreement for engagement and re-
engagement of Division II officers    33 (a)
VII. Agreement for temporary service    33 (a)
and (b)
VIII. Traffic Accident Report    94 (b)
and (c)
XV. Courses of instruction: allowances and
fees. (Miscellaneous No. 497)    112 (b)
and (c) and 331
XVI. Application for vacation leave ...    121
XVII. Application for local leave    136
XVIII. Application for local sick leave...    138
XIX. Passages agreement    156
XX. Form of agreement for refund of travelling expenses of locally engaged
officers going on leave    ... 161 (b) (i)
XXI. Agreement for refund of travelling
expenses of locally engaged officers ...    179 (a)
XXV. Agreement for an advance to purchase a
refrigerator    ...    210 (b)
XXVI. Increment warrant    217 (a)
XXVII. List of posts carrying acting allowance 227 (a)
XXVIII. Application for exemption from the
payment of house rent    234 and
237 (b)
XXIX. Notification of change of quarters for
rent purposes ...    ...    ...    ...    240
 XXX. Rent list ...    ...    ...    ...    ...    244


LIST OF APPENDICES—continued. Amended 1958 (Series 1) 13
No.    Subject    Order
Referred to
XXXII Notification on Departure on leave,
transfer or retirement    250 (b)
XXXIII. Loss or deterioration of, or damage to,
Government property    250 (c)
XXXV. Scales of furniture (under considera-
tion)    ...
XXXVI. Scales of camp furniture (under consideration)...
XXXIX. Rates of Subsistence Allowance for officers on duty in the United King-
dom ...    263 (a)
to (c)
XLI. List of officers to whom outfit allowance is payable on first appoint-
ment .pr.    267
XLII. Monthly extract from motor vehicle log book (under consideration)
XLIII. Agreement for an advance to purchase
transport (under consideration)    ...
XLIV. List of posts carrying transport allowances (under consideration) ...
L. List of officers required to pass the Lower Standard examination in a
native language    312
LI. List of officers required to pass the Higher Standard examination in a
native language    313
LII. List of officers required to pass the
Civil Service Law examination    ...    314
LIII. List of officers required to pass the examination in Colonial Regulations, General Orders, Financial Orders
and Stores Regulations    ...    315,
LV. Annual confidential report forms    343
LVI. List of persons and bodies to whom copies of departmental annual reports are sent direct by the
Government Printer    351


    LIST OF APPENDICES    continued. Amended 1958 (Series I) 14
No.    Subject    Order
Referred to
LX. Certificate of admission to sick list ...    369 (a)
LXI. Certificate of discharge from sick list    370 (a)
LXII. European officers' monthly sick list ...    371
LXVII. Table of precedence pr.pr    411
LXVIII. List of officers entitled to wear civil
uniform (under consideration)    412

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