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Welcome to my MISCELLANY WebSite !

This WebSite is a repository for things that appeal to me, but don't easily fit into any of my "preferred" categories.

Feel free to rummage around - as far as I'm concerned it's all "public domain", but if you want to use anything here, a citation would be nice.

If you happen to find anything that shouldn't be here because of copyright, please let me know so that I can remove it.

Enjoy !


This WebSite is free - it costs me nothing (Thank you, Spanglefish!) but it does cost you - you have to put up with these ads.

Just a word of warning - if you click on any Button at the bottom of any page,  or on the right-hand side, THAT takes you to an ad WebSite, and is part of the price you pay   ;-)

Another advantage is that I pay no subscription, so that

"Failure to pay" does NOT equal "DOWN comes the WebSite" !

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