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I was so impressed by a card I received (sent by my uncle in Inverness). The flowers you painted looked beautiful!

Professionally, I am a portraiture model (The Corcoran, GWU, National Gallery,and Catholic University). It helps get my art groove on!

Keep up the good work!
Posted by Mairi Monteith Steven on 18 March 2017
Dear Mairi,
This is an extremely belated reply to your kind e-mail.
Thank you so much for taking the trouble to contact me, and say nice things about my flower paintings.
I have shamefully neglected my website during the last 2 years, and have now made a resolution to bring it up to date.
I am very impressed by the fact that you are a professional portrait model. Are you ever up in Inverness visiting your uncle? I am sure there would be demand for your services here if you ever had the time to spare!

Posted by margaret cowie on 19 January 2018
Dear Margaret,

I very much enjoyed looking at your paintings in August when the Blue Studio doors were open. I am very interested in purchasing a pansy painting and wondered if it would be possible to commission one by yourself ? I live in Nairn and if convenient I could pop into your studio one day and have a chat.

Many thanks,

Karen Young
07885 753225
Posted by Karen Young on 29 September 2014
Your website
Enjoyed looking at your lovely paintings.......keep up the great work!
Posted by Andrea M. Borsden on 31 March 2014
How to purchase more of you works?
Dear Margaret,

I own x3 of your paintings all of which I purchased from the, now sadly closed down, Tore Gallery. I live in Dorset but my wife and I have a holiday cottage up at Struy which is how I came buy your works. I am keen to look at the possibility of purchasing more of your works as I am a great fan. Do you have a website where by I can look at art work for sale and purchase from it? I do hope so as my visits up north are rare at the momemnt due to busy family life with x3 small children etc. If not then perhaps you could put me on a mailing list for you exhibitions and or let me know how I might contact you when I am next up so that I can come and look at your stock. I am a great fan also of John Nicholson (discovered also at Tore Gallery) and for example he has a website with available works of which I bought a few recently. Now that I know your work I feel I could buy them with confidence without seeing them 'in the flesh' first as I did with my recent purchases of John's. I get much pleasure from your paintings, the x3 I have are x2 seascapes of Harris and x1 autumnal scene of a tree line track leading to .....? (I cannot remember the name/ title and can't refresh my memory as the picture hangs in one of my daughters bedrooms and she is asleep as I type!) I do hope you can help me & I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Wishes,

Tom Stourton.
Posted by Thomas Stourton on 15 October 2013
Dear Mr Stourton,
Thank you for your kind comments about my work , and for purchasing some of it in the past. I had no idea that three of my paintings had found a home in Dorset!
I must admit I am very bad at keeping my website updated , and also at promoting the sale of my paintings since Tore Gallery closed.
This past year has not been a good one for me healthwise, including having 2 cataract operations in the last few months , but thankfully things seem to be improving now.
I have concentrated more on trying to improve my work rather than trying to sell it this year, but I am delighted that you are keen to see more of it.
I could try to update my website but it needs so much work that it might be easier if I just e-mailed you pictures of some paintings - if you can let me know what sort of thing you are interested in. I do oils, watercolours, and acrylics - and I paint landscape(mostly in Britain , though I have 2 or 3 done abroad), still life and flowers. I have quite a few paintings in the house, both framed and unframed. If you let me know the type of thing you are interested in I can e-mail you photos/sizes,prices etc, and ,of course , if you are ever up in this area, you are also welcome to come to the house to see what I have here.

Thanking you again for your interest,

Margaret Cowie
Posted by margaret cowie on 18 October 2013
new paintings?
Hullo Margaret,

I always enjoy looking at your paintings but I notice that there doesn't seem to be any of your most recent work in your Gallery. Are you doing anything different these days?
Posted by carol on 06 April 2012
Dear Carol,
Fair comment. I am very bad at updating my website,I really should show paintings that are available for purchase on it rather than "old favourites" -a lot of which have been sold in the past. It needs a good spring clean.

Posted by margaret cowie on 06 April 2012
Cards of your work
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art class
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Isobel Fraser Home Inverness.
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Lovely work
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New website
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