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Introduction - Profile


Landra Whitehouse is a name you are likely to hear a lot about as time goes by.   The reason being that she speaks her mind on how society is changing and how moral values are declining.

It seems that Landra is following in the footsteps of Mary Whitehouse with whom she will not deny or confirm any family connection. However, Landra confesses that Mary Whitehouse is her role model. 

Mary Whitehouse (1910-2001) was a moral campaigner and criticised the declining moral values on television.   As a result she became virtually a household name.   Since her death we have seen the development of the Internet and the further decline in the standards and morals of the country we live in.

With ‘Big Brother’ watching you on CTV wherever you go, and your mobile phones calls and emails being monitored, Landra questions our privacy.   “Are our lives being controlled?” she asks.

Landra is a ‘green’ person – she believes that plastic packaging is a modern curse as far as our environment is concerned. She fondly looks back on the time when milk was delivered in glass bottles, which were used over and over again.  The same goes for soft drinks in glass bottles. 

As for Landra herself, we have to say that she is a very private person and belongs to no political party. She has written several books under a pen name – a name she will not allow us to mention because of her personal feelings expressed on this website.

Landra feels that if she becomes as least half well known as her role model she will have made her mark on society




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