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19 April 2014Complaint about an advertisement

Complaint about an offending advertisement

Advertisements are placed on this website by our hosting service, Spanglefish.com who host community based websites free of charge in lieu of advertising.   In other words, hosting is free in return for advertisements.

We have no control over the adverts which should suit the readership of the website.  In fact, the adverts can sometimes be quite helpful.

Have said all this, a certain advert (which rotates in sequence with others) has offended some readers and we have written to Spanglefish about this.

Because the advert rotates you may not see it, but if you do please remember we are not responsible for it, as mentioned in our HOME page disclaimer.

We apologise for any offence the advert may have caused anyone.

The response from our hosting service:

"This isn't an advert we've placed on the site. We simply rent space out to Google Adwords. They've got fairly strict policies on the ads they accept, but clearly they're happy to accept adverts for dating sites.

I believe we can block specific adverts on the Adwords system, but I don't think we're able to block genre's, so even if I blocked this one there's no guarantee a similar advert for a different site wouldn't appear tomorrow.

We've only blocked one advert in all the history of Spanglefish so far - it was an advert looking for dancers for an adult club, and it was appearing on a girl guides site!"

14 April 2014Coming soon - a very special video

Coming soon..... Video of 30 years of Electronic Organ and Keyboard Festivals

We are delighted to report that Alan Ashton has produced a delightful two part video of 30 years (1980 - 2010) of Electronic Organ Festivals by various UK producers, including the originator, Cled Griffin (right)

Alan (left) was involved with many of the early events and particularly with the Pontins Spring in Spain Festivals.   Alan's experience with Granada Television has resulted in a production that will be cherished by many who attended festivals during the 30 year period.   The video will provide a record of a magical era for future generations to look back on and enjoy.

Watch this space for the launch date.

06 April 2014Musical treat - Rye

Richard Moore writes.....

Having had the disappointment of being declined for 5 year longevity funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund earlier this week, support for this evening is even more important at the moment.
We have been invited to re-apply but as Michael Wooldridge & I started this 5,700 word application in September and completed it in January after much deliberating of wanting to get it right, then, having to wait until now for a decision, as you can see its going to be a long process. In the meantime our wonderful students still need tuition, especially five of them who we are entering into the Young Theatre Organist of the Year Competition at Fentham Hall in Sollihull on the 27th July.
I had the delight of hearing one of the students medleys this week for the competition. It was Jamyma Hanson who celebrated her 100th lesson with the project. 
A Plan B strategy had already been discussed "just in case" and its been a busy week in instigating this avenue. However we have already had our first decline of support, returning  the presentation with a very nice note of good luck, so at least it can be used for another organisation to appeal to.
The project has got this far on a wing and a prayer and if need be thats how it will continue. However without real structured funding we cannot expand to offer the scheme to more stduents at the present time, or, develop the heritage learning further by way of tuning and maintenance of the instrument and the unique art form accompnaying silent movies which are two things we wish to do, and were all part of the funding application.
We are very fortunate to have support from Tim Wardley from Southend-On-Sea who has many years experience of Lottery funding with his work with the Waverley Paddle Steamer and also as Vice Chairman of the National Piers Association.  We welcome Tim on board to the team (albeit kicking and screaming) and most grateful for his recent support and direction.
For now, please spread the word of this special Liberace evening amongst your friends and colleagues.  With postal charges rising yet again, I am reluctant to send out tickets, however with sumptuous cakes to be enjoyed in the interval, we need to know how many our wonderfully supportive parents need to create, so please indicate if you are able to attend with a simple email or phone call.
Sorry to waffle on (more than usual). To conclude with sheer grit and determination the project will continue, how can you give up on one of only two teaching schemes of its kind in the world and from hearing Jamyma on Tuesday knowing that we have the best possible teacher in Michael Wooldridge giving the scheme 110% effort and dedication in anyway he can.
Best Wishes......Richard

20 March 201430th Anniversary

Ron Jones, Chairman (pictured above) of the Llay Organ Society in North Wales, is proud of the society he formed at the Llay Royal British Legion in 1983 and hosted a 30th Anniversary show with Ian Griffin and Andy Oakley on Friday, 21st March. 



18 March 2014Green light for Sherborne

Sherborne Winter Warmer 2014

Following the new ownership of the Sherborne Hotel in Dorset, guests who attended last year's event have been sent letters to inform them that this years Turkey and Tinsel event will again take place with Ian Griffin as host.

Ian is delighted to say that the same caring staff will cater for the 60 available places with former guests have the option to book first.  

The venue is exceptionally cosy and is ideal for a warm up for Christmas and to meet old friends.  

Here is the news release details:


18 March 2014George Ingley Writes

Sad news from George Ingley
Stan Gande, wife of Joan and former treasurer of the AOE sadly passed away last Friday, 14th March 2014.
Stan was one of the background team at the original Home Electronic Organ Festivals produced for the Pontin's holidays group in the early 1980's.    
Our sympathy is extended to Joan and the family.

05 March 2014Society's email address booked hacked

Peterbough Organ & Keyboard Club issues warning

June Clark of the the above mentioned society tells us that that that their email address book has been hacked into.   Jean advises all contacts made to the society should be by telephone until the matter is resolved.   Jean also suggests that artistes be advised of the situation as they were listed in the address book.

The telephone numbers of the society are:   01733 210135   or   07840 779303

29 January 2014News on a broad scale

News beyond the keyboard world.   The one stop NEWS website

Designed for those who want the latest news from around the world with a single click.   A great innovative time saver for those who want to spend more time at their hobby.   Just click on the link below and see for yourself.


29 January 2014Alan Ashton's videos

Alan Ashton goes one mile further

Alan Ashton, the Organ1st Radio presenter, has introduced a news series of videos to his GRAM-R-FONE website.

Following 40 videos of organists from the past, the new series features the players who are alive today.   Alan starts off with Alan Haven and chats with him in an interview made some time ago.

Perhaps the new series will more than make up for the adverse comments made about the BBC Radio 2 programme, The Organist Entertains, that has been criticised for not including electronic organs on its half hour weekly show.  Alan Haven is known for entertaining on electronic organs and it is sure to connect enthusiasts in this day and age.

To view the new video see the direct link to the GRAM-R-FONE website in the menu.

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