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08 April 2016Brian Sharp tributes

Tributes to BRIAN SHARP still arriving

Almost every tribute is a story on its own - and they are stlll coming in.   The latest one is from Phil Leader.


07 April 2016Byron Jones says farewell to Sand Bay

Byron Jones ends his MUSIC FOR ALL festivals at Sand Bay.

After 31 years of music festivals at Sand Bay, now back in the hands of Pontin's, Byron Jones told around 300 organ-keyboard enthusiasts that it was his last event to be staged there.   With the site filled to only half its capacity, Byron said that it was no longer cost effective for both him and Pontin's.

Bryon said he was pleased to say that his events at the Victoria Hotel, Torquay, would continue with one at Spring time next year. Byron  thanked everyone for their continued support over the years.


18 March 2016A look at the Lowrey Marquee

The sounds of the new Lowrey Marquee

Below: Franz Lambert plays Lowrey


15 March 2016Emerson Lake and Palmer

Although not llnked with the organ-keyboard scene like others mentioned on this website, we feel we must sadly report the death of Keith Emerson at the age of 71.    Emerson, Lake and Palmer were known for their big sound based on keyboards.   It is yet another sad loss to the keyboard world.


14 March 2016Unabridged sleeve notes - the new Klaus CD

The unabridged sleeve notes of the new Klaus Wunderlich double album

You may need a magnifying glass to see the sleeve notes on the new Klaus Wunderlich album - and even they are abridged.  So what we have done is to exclusively produce an unabridged version in our menu.



Alan Ashton (left), one of the sleeve note authors, probably knows more about the recordings of this world famous player than anyone else in the UK., after all, he produced the Klaus Wunderlich discography, for which the Wunderlich family gave him one of the maestro's gold discs - there are 13 of them!


The other sleeve note author is Ian Griffin (left), who, unknown to many enthusiasts, is a Wersi Helios owner, and in his spare time plays it at home as he loves its distinctive sounds.

Ian enjoyed playing the Wersi organ provided for him at the UK Oktoberfest in 2015 and liked the fact that it was all set up and ready to play.

13 March 2016Franz Lambert returns

Franz Lambert coming to UK

German Organ legend Franz Lambert will make a welcome return to the UK later this year headlining the Wersi Direct Oktoberfest Holiday Weekend in Huntingdon, Cambs. This will be his only UK performance in the UK during 2016.

On the right we picture Franz Lambert at Pointin's Barton Hall. His first visit was in 1994 - a Euro version, the year the channel tunnel opened and when the British Lottery first started.

More information about the forthcoming visit is available on the Organfax News page.

06 March 2016Klaus CD inow available

This is a 2 CD album and includes sleeve notes by Alan Ashton and Ian Griffin.  Click on link to order:



Unabridged sleeve notes by ALAN ASHTON and IAN GRIFFIN for this album appear in the menu under: NEW KLAUS CD

03 March 2016Organfax News Item

Source: Organfax News

29 February 2016Alan Haven remembered

Brian Hazelby remembers Alan Haven

Produced by Alan Ashton

29 February 2016Two New Videos on YOUTUBE

More additions to Brian Sharp's tribute website

Two more videos have been added to Brian Sharp's tribute website.   Both feature Brian's music recorded live at two venues and include on-screen notes by the producer, Alan Ashton.



18 February 2016The Organist Entertains Tribute

TOE Tribute to Brian Sharp

The Organist Entertains is broadcast on BBC Radio 2 at 11:pm on Thursday evenings.  You can also catch up on BBC Radio iPlayer for up to 28 days after the broadcast - 18th February 2016.

A menu link has been added to Brian Sharp's tribute website: http://www.spanglefish.com/briansharp


07 February 2016Britain's Got Keyboard Talent

Keyboard Talent - A look at the judges


A new website that features some of keyboard players who have appeared on the programme, including videos of Jean Martyn, Andrew Nix and Tony Stace.   But are the judges really looking for keyboard talent?  On this website we look at the judges and the man who says he hates organs - Simon Cowell.

07 February 2016Brian Sharp Tribute Website


Tributes are flowing in to a new website for players and producers to say a few words in memory of Brian Sharp.

Tributes have been already received from:  Nigel Ogden, Jean Martyn, Byron Jones, Ian Griffin, Andrew Nix, Andy Oakley, Andrew Gilbert, David Ingley, John Mann and many others.

In addition to the Guestbook, the website includes videos, interviews, a photo gallery and tribute radio broadcasts.

05 February 2016Unreleased recordings of Klaus Wunderlich


Not now Records. Catalogue number: NOT2CD605.  EAN: 5060143496059

The release date will be March 11th.

Available from:

After the release of the Klaus Wunderlich CD ‘MAESTRO’ and the subsequent trading cessation of Bell Musik [Germany] it was thought by millions of Wunderlich fans around the globe that it would mean the end of further re-issues and compilations.  Sound engineer and close friend Werner Kohlhammer, was given the task of clearing out Klaus Wunderlichs home studio and ensuring that a safe home was found for the hundreds of reels of quarter inch magnetic tape on which all his precious recordings had been made. During this operation several boxes, many of them sparsely annotated were discovered, but over a period of time it was possible to discover what their contents were.  Amongst them, and being heard for the very first time, are the contents of this new double CD release ABSOLUTELY WUNDERLICH.  For most of 2015 I fired off letters and e-mails to various UK record labels informing them of the discovery of this un-released material, suggesting they might like to consider its release.  The very last Record Label I contacted, NOT NOW MUSIC Ltd, indicated they were in fact very interested because they had been trying to secure the rights to release some earlier Wunderlich recordings. The opportunity to have ‘new’ material was too good to pass up and so in early March my efforts and those of Werner Kohlhammer will come to fruition. 
At first glance the programme contents may look familiar but their performance is going to be the nearest thing to enjoying a live concert, sans applause, that you will ever experience.  Klaus being the master professional musician that he was rehearsed each of his proposed UK concert tour programme contents, playing them on his Wersi Spectra, and recording them direct to a standard 2 track stereo Studer recorder...such as can be seen in my GOLDEN DAYS video on You Tube. Thus we now get to hear lengthy medleys instead of each item being recorded as separate tracks: to my mind much more enjoyable because you can now immerse yourself in your very own ‘living room concert environment’. That Klaus ever considered for one minute these tracks to be worth public consumption is highly unlikely, and to some extent my involvement in their commercial release did weigh on my conscience.  The perfectionist that he was would never have allowed it.  I only hope he will forgive me for therefore ignoring both his perfectionist trait and my conscience.  The playing is, as we have all come to expect, 100% faultless, and the sounds are therefore more natural and for the very first time, devoid of any additional studio enhancements. To me this is the ‘Koncert Klaus’.

One of his very early LPs states that he provided music for films, and during many letters we exchanged it was one of the things I forget to ask him about.  The clearance of his studio revealed another box of tapes recorded many years earlier, in his Hammond organ period.  Looking at the titles of the tracks, 8 of which are being heard for the very first time as bonus tracks on ABSOLUTELY WUNDERLICH CD 2, I couldn’t help but think that maybe the reference to film music, if indeed there was any, might be recordings he made for Travelogue films or even commercials.  I may be well off the mark, but when I listen to them, I can easily imagine how perfectly they would fit into such genres.  I wonder if you’ll agree. 

Finally, it is my hope that the Sales figures for this latest release will be financially rewarding to NOT NOW MUSIC Ltd who, let’s face it are not a major player in the record distribution and manufacturing market, to perhaps consider taking over where Bell Musik finished in the distribution of future Wunderlich releases.  Are there any more ABSOLUTELY WUNDERLICH gems out there?  Who knows?
Alan Ashton.
Producer. Organ1st Radio.

Editorial Note....   It is understood that the sleeve notes of the new album will be compilied by Alan Ashton and Ian Griffin who was on stage with Klaus (right) during his appearance at the Caister Keyboard Cavalcade in October 1985.

Alan Ashton (left) was given one of Klaus' gold discs by his family in appreciation of compiling his discography.

Next year will see the 20th anniversary of the death of Klaus Wunderlich who died at age of 67 after being awarded with 14 gold awards for world wide sales of his albums.

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