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19361028 Heather to Betty. reaction to Betty's first letter home from Africa

                     28th October, 1936[1]                   PAX[2].

Dearest Happy duckie[3],

Gosh, life sounds allright with you!  Many thanks for your Definitely good letter from the Dunnottar Castle[4] just before you landed at Capetown.

 I owe you a colossal apology for not having written to you as a Married Woman before now, but I haven't had time (because writing to you needs a lot of time because there is so much to say).

Also I must make a vast apology for a great breach (or breech or breeches) that has occurred. ALL your wedding presents have gone out to Africa! I just saved one or two of the picnic baskets, but I think everything else has gone. You see the trouble was that the Army and Navy came to pack up all the presents the day after the wedding. They came early in the morning, and I was in such a blur after the Bridesmaid's Binge that I just couldn't be bothered to get up early and go and sort things out, and by time I did get to the Barn the Army and Navy men had got everything all organised and were stowing them away into huge packing cases at incredible speed.

Now to answer your letter, and then I will continue with all the Home news and scandals, if I can think of any.

It’s fine to hear of your extreme happiness and I should think G must be just about the best husband you’ve ever had! Lovley to feel so safe and having someone always on your side, if you know what I mean. It must have felt odd at first, waking up in the morning and afraid lest you should have                                  been caught sleeping with a man!

I'm glad neither of you had to feed the fishes - it must be rather an awkward sight to see your husband being sick. I love the ceremony of Getting out the Jewelry, it sounds so sweet, and such fun choosing what to wear (like I go and choose which steed to ride!)  Such fun too putting on as much make-up as you dam well like and knowing you won't get a dirty look from the Parents when you enter the Dining Saloon.

I'm longing to hear what kind of a mansion you have to Dwell in, and whether you see Hippos Dancing on the Lawn in the Moonlight. By the way, is this the correct form of address, or is there anything more swanky I could put on?   It will be rather foul if you only stay at Sesheke[5] for 6 months won't it.  I mean will it be worth making a Garden for that length of time, etc.

We had a letter from "Lizzie" MacNeillle[6] at Capetown, saying she had met you both at the Docks, and also enclosed a press cutting about you and Your Husband.


- 2 -

A most annoying Press Cutting it was, saying "We came engaged aboard" etc, and a lot of other squirm-making rubbish.

Gosh; I hope you can read this if I type on both sides of the paper. It's not as thick as it might be.

I hope the journey up-country was not too foul and long, and that you have had time to see people you know, including Peter[7], who, according to G's[8] letter to Mummie[9] was managing to get a spot of leave to go and have a squint at you both at Bulawayo - also that he gave you a Wedding Present.

Talking of Wedding presents, I have completed the book of Names and Addresses and Presents, and will send it out to you by ordinary mail. I have already sent 4 envelopes full of all your engagements letters for you to sort and do what you will with, and today three letters have arrived to you in your Maiden name, from Australia, and I have jumped them all into an envelope together with a few other Oddments and have sent them off by ordinary mail.


(I'm afraid you'll get eye-ache reading this.)


Well, for a spot of Home News.

At this moment I am in the drawing room, typing on the table, as close to the fire as possible because it is cold (freezing I think) Dad is in here too, reading a 3 months old Blackwood[10], and Mum is Girl Guiding in the frozen north (i.e. Scotland, where there is Snow on the Hills.) Twm[11] is in the sofa with me.     Shawgm[12] is staring at the fire, getting more blind than he ever could be.     Rsuty(!) and Bong[13] are outside in their kennels.

Rusty is too heavenly, and Frightfully obedient. He knows all about Heel and Steady, and AACH, dirty!

Gipsy and Jority[14] are perfectly beautiful, and I worship them both. They both shout and nostril wobble. whenever I go round to see then or the cars, and they follow me round the yard and everywhere. Gipsy tries to eat the Door Mat in the porch because she thinks it's some new kind of Mown Grass.

Jority jumps marvellously but very difficult to sit on because she has such colossal spring. She has lately developed a very bad habit of rearing.  She's only done it twice so far, and the first time I slid off her tail, and the second time the whole thing fell over on its side! All the Ladies of the H.H.[15] were shocked to the marrow and think I have a Terribly Dangerous Horse and I am not fit to go anywhere near! they all have such patent safetys themselves.

I got a lovely Brush the other day when we had a Meet at the Golden Pot[16] and killed a Brace in South Wood. We only found two jumps, ,sa we went over them, and then we had to come back again, so we got a double share!




(I'm only going to type on one side in future, I can hardly see what I've written on that there first page)

Gipsy is clipped out and looks awfully pansy. I had her done last week because she had got so woolly that I couldn't see if it was Gipsy or a Bear underneath the wool. Jority is going to be done on Monday, and will then look smart for the Opening Meet on Nov. 5th at Burkham.

Oh, Scandal, - I mean Murder!

The Opening meet was to have been at Chawton House. BUT, the other day Mr Knight (Brooke Knight, what used to live in Farnham and then took over Chawton House) KILLED a man with his Motor car. He knocked him down and killed him near the Hen and Chickens, also he knocked down wife and tossed Baby and Pram over Wall, AND went on driving and never stopped to have a look at what he'd done! It was in the night and apparently he was driving home at furious rate, and had evidently had a good Binge some­where on the way!

So now the Meet has been postponed and altered to Burkham House. General Jefferies[17] owns Burkham, and he has a very amusing son in the Grenadier Guards who was out Cubbing the other day. His horse showed Jority how to rear, only he hit it in time and it didn't fall over like we did!

Now let me think what has been going on here since your Departure.

Well, the Bridesmaid's Binge was quite entertaining, but none of the Clay side of the wedding party turned up. I think Evie[18] and Rosie[19] went home, and I know Fenella[20] did. I don't know who were Ushers but none of them came either. Edward[21] and David[22] were in fine form and Edward had disposed of Felicity[23] for the night specially! We also joined a lot of blokes in London and went to the Ace of Spades and Chez Henry, and finished up drink­ing Beer and Champagne at Edward's house near Godalming.

Dad went off to Scotland for a big Scout show in Aberdeen, and then went fishing on the Spey with Mr Goudie, and in a fort­night got 3 salmon - one 20-lber.

I went to stay with Ann for a weekend, and we went to a very good Party - a Wire Fund Ball near Hereford, and when we got to the place, which was called Brockhampton, we found that it belonged to the Peter Clays[24]. He was in fine form and wearing Pink, a la Hunt Ball. Also I saw Rosie there, and Langton Birley[25] was in crashing good form, but he looks so pansy and just like an orchestra leader I think. Also Brian Sleeman[26] was there, son of the man who bred Sogum.

The next weekend I went up to Shropshire where I stayed with the Rottons[27] who had a house Party for the Ludlow Races and Ball. It was lovely and very nice people. Do you remember Ben, the black labrador who used to jump Gates. Well, he is




still alive, but only just. He really is a very pathetic sight. He just stands about and waits to be patted or helped along. He can see allright, but he is quite deaf. After seeing him, Shawgm seems quite like a Puppy!

Langton Birley was also staying with the Rottons so it was rather funny seeing him twice over. He gives one a terrible inferiority Complex. Pat de Laszlo[28], the son of the artist, was also there, and he is very nice, rather Bruce Thompson-ish but not quite so dull! Also a perfectly sweet person, Mrs Wing­field Stratford[29], whose husband has just been sent to Palestine and she is left alone in her small house with her small son, at Crondall. Also there was another bloke there called H.C. Gilman[30] who is a Gunner and very amusing and loves Frog Holmes. I expect he was at the Hurlingham Ball with you, wasn't he.

Lately I have been more or less at home, getting in as many days' Cubbing as possible. There have been a lovely lot of near Meets - Hill Farm, Golden Pot, Bentley Station, Kingsley, and Thedden, and on Saturday they are at The Prince of Wales, Froyle. Also the Opening Meet of the Bordon Drag is on Monday, and the master has Promised us sll free drinks at the R. A. Mess. Then on Saturday 7th there is a Meet at Marsh House.  So we are having quite a lot of fun.

On Friday 5th Nov, I am going to the Java-Dinner-and­-Ball with the Killicks[31] (they were born in Java) which I believe is going to be fun. Bunny Sales is going to it too I hear.

Oh, yes, I didn't tell you about my sherry party. Kind Mum said to me, would you like to give a party in London? At the Rubens(!)  So I said yes, love to, but not at the Rubens[32]. (I find it a most dull place)   So I hopped along to Mrs Jagger[33] at Lowndes Square and said May I give a Party in your flat? And she said O.K. So I did - on 13th October. Searcy's[34] came and did the catering, and all I had to do was to bung out the invitations. I asked equal number men and girls, and that meant altogether 50 people. Actually many more men were there than females, which was a bit difficult, but they all seemed to enjoy it and some men got into corners together and talked business and films, etc.

I sent David an invitation, but of course never got an answer. Otherwise Every male I asked did answer, and most of them came. They were much better at answering than the females. I was afraid it would be practically a Hen party, but it was Quite the reverse.    I will tell you a few of the people who came, in case it is interesting to you.     I don't expect it is, but still!   Well, I asked Bunny Sales[35], and he arrived first and went last, and completely fell for Peggy Killick[36].  Also there was Harvard[37] and Derek[38] and Edward and Felicity and Elsie Tweedale[39] - now Bateman, plus husband, Bruce, Scott Gunter[40] plus boy friend (no wife!), Armitages[41], Struan Robertson[42], Michael Harrap[43], Michael Jardine[44], Rodney Warington Smyth[45] (our plat. blond cousing who is a Film Director and has just finished Land with­out music with Tauber[46]), John Lewis[47], Bill Worrall[48], Frog Holmes[49],




Val, Ann, Pud and Y. Sneeze, Bunty Soames[50], Herbert Nicholson[51] (new pick-up at Mather[52]'s sherry party) and I can't think of any more!

The Gang show was as good as ever this year with some lovely new tunes, the best one is called The Song in My heart. Would you like a gramophone record of it?   There is a good one, but is very loud singing! Ralph[53] came and fetched us round behind the scenes, and also Bobby Howes[54] and Cicely Courtneidge[55] were there and were great fun. (Damn this typer, its fingers keep sticking up, specially the U.)

Latest Engagements round these parts are Boko[56] and Mary Holmes á Court[57] (at last!) who are being married at the end of next month and are going to live in Froyle). Also Anne Charteris[58] is engaged to somebody Bell in the Egyptian Irrigation Dept. or something.

There have been several sherry parties round here of late. The Duncans[59] gave one, and the Bolts[60], and the Holcrofts[61] (dam good champagne cocktails) and next week the Joys[62] (!)

I went to tea with Mrs Maclear[63] before going to the Bolts psrty, and she was so sweet, and seemed so lonely without Eileen[64].     But she has such happy letters from her in Nigeria, snd Accra looks a terribly civilised place with Electricity and Motoring Carts, etc.

Pickie[65] gave a sherry party in London yesterday which Dad went to and enjoyed. Everyone in the Scout Movement seems to be becoming very modern! Hubert Martin[66] had given one some time before,

Daddoie has been very busy going to Dinners of late. He went to two last Saturday, the 5th D.G.'s[67] and the Camping Club.  The Saturday before he went to the 13th, and next Saturday he goes to the Charterhouse one.   On last Tues, (yesterday in fact) he went to a Mercer's[68], and on next Thursday he goes to the Vension, Venison I mean.  So he is being a very Gay Daddoie.

Apparently our parentage are going to India in January. I'm not very enthusiastic about it at the moment because I have developed such a Passion for my Hunters, but I suppose when once I've got there I won't mind. Anyway, it's only for 6 weeks. I believe Mum is going to get Rosalind[69] as her Secretary. (Joe Guss[70] has written offering his services, and says "a young Canadian with a Bachelor of Civil Law Degree, a newspaper man with Radio experience, a BOY SCOUT offers his services"!

Now I must stop and draw breath! Also go and Feed the Steed  (It's beastly cold going out to the stables after sitting




by the fire all the evening) We have dinner by the fire, Dadoie and I. Also we have Hotties and Bedsox.

Oh, and I have the Schoolroom as my room now. It is a lovely room, with all white furniture (your bed, dressing table, and wardrobes) and pale blue wall paper, and just a few of my favourite horse pictures, and ALL my horse books. Also there is a plug in the wall to which I can plug in the Radio ‑ though I never dare play it unless parents are away as they could hear. They were both away last week, and I had it going full blast all the time. It is lovely lying in bed playing music ‑ almost as good as Motoring to Music.

I've been negotiating for a last year's V8 as a Swop for Juno[lxxi], and can do it without paying anything extra.    But I
don't think Mum would approve, and also if we're going to India in January it's not worth getting it now, as I'd have to licence it.

I had two letters from Uncle Fritz[lxxii] the other day. He is going to India too. We tried to get Gran[lxxiii] and Joan[lxxiv], but they are bound down to keeping their children in order.

I've just had a tremendous long telephone talk with Aunt Violet[lxxv] - 5 3-minutes's[lxxvi] - I don't know who has to pay! She is busy house hunting as apparently they are leaving Weston. But they are looking for a house somewhere in the Godalming vicinity.

Oh yes, I forgot to tell you that I fetched Peggy Edge[lxxvii] and "Mickie" FitzHenry[lxxviii] over from the Hallams[lxxix] at Shamley Green the other day. It is a very nice house but terrible people who run it. Peggy wasn't even allowed to speak to MUM on the telephone! And they are not allowed out anywhere on busses or anything but bicycles, and then only in 3's!   Doesn't it sound grim. I am so sorry for Peggy, after having been free of such violent discipline since leaving St James's[lxxx], it must be bitter to have to go back to it.

The Calgaric Reunion[lxxxi] was quite fun. That huge fat woman Miss Dunell[lxxxii] was there. Also the Brabys[lxxxiii], the Banhams[lxxxiv], Independicitis (or pimplebeak) Geoffrey Chilton[lxxxv], Stubbs[lxxxvi] (plus pipe), and a lot of Others, and I can't think who.     We took Yps[lxxxvii] along with us, and I think she thoroughly enjoyed getting hack into that set of people again after the boring round she goes with in London! I also gave her my ticket to go to the Gang Show (as I had been before and she had never been) and she was So grate­ful and came back raving about the whole show, and bought ALL the records she could get of it.

Millions of people in Bentley seem to have Horses this season. Sheila McClintock[lxxxviii] has 5, the Parsons[lxxxix] have 6, the Wrights[xc] have 2, me 2, Aileen Harrap[xci] 2, the Duncans[xcii] 3, the Goschens[xciii] 5, the Joys 2, and so on. I rode with Mrs Bannon[xciv] the other day.    The nickname among the village people for her




old nags is "Abbysinian Cab Horses"

Green[xcv] likes Gipsy best, and calls her Jealous little Rat, or Little Worm. Occasionally he feels more affectionate to her, however, and calls her Little Wormie, or Gipsy Wipsy! Jority is Madam, or Fat and Saucy.

I saw Sneeze in town the other day, and we had a lovely drive round in her Heavenly motor car which played soft music to us all the time. Yvonne was with us too, but she and Sneeze didn't get on together at all.   Sneeze turned sulky and wouldn't drive where Yvonne wanted to go, etc.!

I haven't been to any good films lately, except last Saturday I saw the Secret Agent [xcvi]at the Empire. Your beloved John Gielgud [xcvii]was in it, with Madeleine Carroll[xcviii] and Rarbert Young[xcix].  Gielgud was the false husband and Young the boy friend.

We have been sent a film of your wedding, and I got the Gaumont British bit too, and had it copied in our size of film, and then stuck it all together, plus a short coloured bit that Daddoie took, and altogether it is pretty good.    We do love all the photographs of Dad holding your train like a dirty sheet I suppose you haven't seen very many photos of the wedding yet. They are ALL awfully good.

Now I really must cease or I will never get through all the letters papa has given me to do.

Love - lots of it, to you and to your 'usbind



[1] Written 34 days after Betty was married and went out to Northern Rhodesia.

[2] Pax was the name of the house bought by Heather’s and Betty’s parents, on Armistice Day, 1918.

[3] “Duckie” was the name by which Heather and Betty called each other.

[4] The “Dunnottar Castle” was the Union Castle Line steamer on which Betty & her new husband had sailed for Africa.

[5] The out-station to which Betty’s husband was posted. It is located about 100 miles up-river from Livingstone.

[6] "Lizzie" MacNeillle – of whom nothing is known at this stage.

[7] Peter, the brother of Heather and Betty, then in the British South Africa Police, and stationed in Southern Rhodesia.

[8] “G” is Betty’s new husband.

[9] “Mummie” is Violet, G.’s mother.

[11] Twm was a Welsh terrier dog.

[12] Shawgm was another (older) (black Labrador) dog, presented to Heather's parents by the Scouts(?) and Guides(?) of Shropshire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire Gloucestershire and Monmouthshire.  His name was formed from those initials (plus an A to make it pronounceable).

[13] Rusty & Bong – two more dogs.0

[14] Gipsy Moth and Jority are Heather’s two horses.

[15] The Hampshire Hunt.

[16] “The Golden Pot” is a Free House pub and restaurant located in Eversley, Hampshire See http://www.golden-pot.co.uk/

[17]  Possibly Major-General Sir Millis Rowland Jefferis KBE MC (9 January 1899 – 5 September 1963), who was, during the Second World War, the founder of a special unit of the British Ministry of Supply which developed unusual weapons. See  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Major-General_Jefferies 

[18] Evie, a first cousin of G., daughter of Arthur, a brother of G.’s father Gerard..

[19] Rosie, only child of Gerard’s brother Ernest

[20] Fenella, daughter of Kathleen , G.’s mother’s sister.

[21] Edward

[22] David

[23] Felicity

[24] Peter Clay was christened  Gerard Leigh Clay. He was a grandson of Gerard’s father’s brother, so a second cousin of G.

[25] Probably Thomas Langton Birley, b. 11 Sept 1907 (twin)

[26] Brian Sleeman - Nothing known.

[27] The Rottons - Nothing known.

[28] Pat de Laszlo http://sounds.bl.uk/Arts-literature-and-performance/Art-photography-and-architecture/021M-C0466X0084XX-0300V0


And, we’ve been sitting doing this recording in front of an image which I’m rather

intrigued by, and I wonder if you could describe it and tell me what it is.

Funnily enough it says at the back here, ‘Artist and his family in his studio at The

Willows, Tilford, Surrey.’ I never heard of that. At The Willows. I would have

thought that was in his place in London, Fitzjohn’s Avenue. I don’t understand that.

And did you ever see the painting?

No, I don’t remember ever seeing it.

So can you just go through for me who is who, and tell me a little?

Yes, well there’s the painter, there’s Lucy; that’s the elder one, Henry; that’s Stephen;

that’s Paul; that’s Pat; that’s John.

And is that how you remember them?

I recognise John and the parents. I’m not terribly sure about the sons. 

And we haven’t actually talked about Pat at all.

That one.

What was he like?

A great go-getter, terribly active, an economist. Married a delightful wife, Deborah Greenwood I think she was called, Lord Greenwood’s daughter. She was beautiful. And they were very sociable. And Pat was quite determined to get on in life and have a great social life and be a success and make a fortune, which he did do, he was very

successful financially, he made a lot of money. And, I was very fond of him, but he was a little bit, I don’t know what the word is, sort of, too keen on getting on financially perhaps, I don’t know how you put it. But terribly nice to me, and when I used to, through John’s younger son, he was always receiving us in his house and great parties and things. He was a great party-giver.

And, I don’t know if it’s because of the way the postcard has been printed, but it’s

quite interesting to me that Philip de László seems to have put himself very much on

the edge of this group. And that’s presumably not how he felt about himself, he felt he

was the centre of everything didn’t he?

Well, I think so really, yes. Yes, and he’s very young there, I mean I didn’t know him

at that youngish age; when I knew him he was much much older.


Philip German-Ribon     C466/84/02 F6764A Page 67    © The British Library Board http://sounds.bl.uk




Patrick David de László (fourth son) (died October 1980);

married 1stly Deborah Greenwood (died 11 November 1980; daughter of Hamar Greenwood, 1st Viscount Greenwood);

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De Laszlo  Patrick D         Greenwood  Aldershot  2c   809


married 2ndly 1977 Pamela Newall, Baroness Sharples (born 1923) as her second husband;

married Penelope Anne Kitson as her third husband (div by 1975).


Patrick and Deborah had issue:

  • Damon Patrick de László married 1972 Sandra Daphne Hacking (daughter of Douglas Eric Hacking, 2nd Baron Hacking)
    • Lucy Deborah de László (born 1975)
  • Stephanie Gay de László married 1978 Roger Stanley Williams
    • Clemency Lucy Williams (born 1979)
    • Aidan Paul Hammar Williams (born 1981)
    • Octavia Julian Williams (born 1983)
  • Charmian de László
  • Meriel de László
    • John Kitson married Victoria Hyde
    • Philip Kitson
    • Robert Kitson



G/Capt. Patrick David de Laszlo, M, #193677

     G/Capt. Patrick David de Laszlo was the son of Philip Alexius Laszlo de Lombos and Lucy Madeleine Guinness. He married, firstly, Hon. Deborah Hamar Greenwood, daughter of Thomas Hamar Greenwood, 1st Viscount Greenwood and Margery Spencer, on 9 November 1940. He and Hon. Deborah Hamar Greenwood were divorced in 1970. He married, secondly, Lady Pamela Newall, Baroness Sharples, daughter of Lt.-Cmdr Keith William Newall and Violet Ruby Ashton, in 1977. He died in 1980.
     He graduated with a Master of Arts (M.A.). He graduated with a Bachelor of Literature (B.Litt.).

Children of G/Capt. Patrick David de Laszlo and Hon. Deborah Hamar Greenwood

  1. Damon Patrick de Laszlo b. 8 Oct 1942
  2. Stephanie Gay de Laszlo b. 9 Mar 1945
  3. Meriel Perpetua de Laszlo b. 19 Apr 1950
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[29] Wingfield-Stratford:-

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WINGFIELD-STRATFORD              Mervyn V       Stewart-Sandeman        Westminster          1a  1228     Scan available - click to view



John Wingfield-Stratford  #31823, b. 10 December 1810, d. 8 May 1881

John Wingfield-Stratford was born on 10 December 1810. He was the son of Lt.-Col. John Wingfield and Frances Bartholomew. He married Jane Elizabeth Guise, daughter of General Sir John Wright Guise,3rd Bt. and Charlotte Diana Vernon, on 10 December 1844.2 He died on 8 May 1881 at age 70.
     He held the office of Deputy Lieutenant (D.L.).1 He held the office of Justice of the Peace (J.P.).1 He lived at 
Addington Park, Kent, England.1

Children of John Wingfield-Stratford and Jane Elizabeth Guise

  1. Florence Mary Wingfield-Stratford+3 d. c 1947
  2. Georgiana Maud Wingfield-Stratford+ d. 14 Nov 1945
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  9. Emily Rose Wingfield-Stratford b. c 1855, d. 22 Jul 1904
  10. Leonard Guise Wingfield-Stratford+ b. 26 Sep 1856, d. 28 Jun 1941
  11. Captain Howard Wingfield-Stratford b. 13 Nov 1859
  12. Richard Nevill Wingfield-Stratford b. 8 Jun 1861, d. 18 Oct 1942
  13. Francis Mervyn Wingfield-Stratford b. 27 Aug 1864, d. 18 Dec 1932

Leonard Guise Wingfield-Stratford   #31820, b. 26 September 1856, d. 28 June 1941

     Leonard Guise Wingfield-Stratford was born on 26 September 1856. He was the son of John Wingfield-Stratford and Jane Elizabeth Guise. He married Alethe Sylvia Montgomery, daughter of Captain Alexander Nixon Montgomery, on 13 December 1880. He died on 28 June 1941 at age 84.

Child of Leonard Guise Wingfield-Stratford and Alethe Sylvia Montgomery

  1. Captain Mervyn Edward John Wingfield-Stratford+ b. 7 Sep 1883, d. 22 Jul 1922


Captain Mervyn Edward John Wingfield-Stratford   #31672, b. 7 September 1883, d. 22 July 1922

     Captain Mervyn Edward John Wingfield-Stratford was born on 7 September 1883. He was the son of Leonard Guise Wingfield-Stratford and Alethe Sylvia Montgomery. He married Doris Amie Sheldon, daughter of John Eccleston Sheldon, on 7 April 1914. He died on 22 July 1922 at age 38.

Child of Captain Mervyn Edward John Wingfield-Stratford and Doris Amie Sheldon

  1. Avriel Ann Wingfield-Stratford+1 b. 15 Aug 1915, d. 7 Jul 1943

[30] H.C. Gilman – Nothing known

[31] The Killicks – Nothing known.

[32] The Rubens Hotel, in Buckingham Palace Road, was very close to both Scout & Guide headquarters, and was the “default” venue for appropriate functions.

[33] Mrs Jagger – Nothing known.

[34] Searcy

[35] Bunny Sales

[36] Peggy Killick

[37] Harvard

[38] Derek

[39] Elsie Tweedale - now Bateman

[40] Scott Gunter

[41] Armitages

[42] Struan Robertson

[43] Michael Harrap

[44] Michael Jardine

[45] Rodney Warington Smyth –

From the Internet:-

Designed by Rodney Warington-Smyth and built in Falmouth in 1964, 'JEDANOR' is a beautiful classic yacht who constantly "turns heads"


Black Cygnet was built in 1949 by the Falmouth Boat Construction Ltd (which was owned by Nigel W-S's brother Rodney Warington Smyth)


A 1965 Bermudian Sloop designed by Rodney Warington-Smyth AMRINA and built by Falmouth Boat Construction

Co. Flushing, Cornwall.


Directory of patents owned by Rodney Warington Smyth (2 patents): GB1055143 (Grossmith George Wilfred); GB671976;


Rodney Warington Smyth of Flushing, Cornwall, possesses all Mr Maskelyne's notes and researches into the Admiral's antecedents.


The Romantic Challenge - Francis Chichester - ... and everything was ready to start building the new yacht at the end of I thought 1969. that Rodney Warington Smyth's boatyard at Falmouth would be the yard ...


Jan 11, 2012 – My Grandfather, Rodney Warington-Smyth, designed and built the Falmouth Pilots. I believe my dad has all the drawings at his home in Devon.


The Falmouth 26 quite likely that this boat was designed by Nigel Warington Smyth.The transom is similar to some of his other boats such as Restive,the lines of this are in Eric Hiscocks book Cruising under Sail.The Falmouth Boat Construction yard was owned by his brother Rodney Warington Smyth who was also a designer,so he may have had a hand in it.


[46] Richard Tauber

[47] John Lewis

[48] Bill Worrall

[49] Frog Holmes


[50] Bunty Soames


[51] Herbert Nicholson


[52] Mather


[53] Ralph Reader, prime mover of The Gang Show.


[54] Bobby Howes (4 August 1895 – 27 April 1972) was a leading musical comedy performer in London’s West End theatres in the 1930s and 1940s.


[55] Dame Esmerelda Cicely Courtneidge DBE (1 April 1893 – 26 April 1980) was an English actress and comedienne.


[56] Boko

[57] Mary Holmes á Court


[58] Anne Charteris

[59] Duncans


[60] Bols’

[61] Holcrofts


[62] Joys


[63] Mrs Maclear

[64] Eileen [Maclear?]

[65] Pickie

[66] Hubert Martin (died 11 February 1938), “a suave yet jovial Scouter”, was the first director of the International Scout Bureau in 1920, a position he held until his death. He was a King's messanger in the Diplomatic Service and awarded a CVO for his services.



[67] 5th Dragoon Guards.


[68] The Worshipful Company of Mercers – the premier Livery Company of the City of London, of which Heather's father was a liveryman..


[69] Rosalind de Renzi-Martin, one of betty's bridesmaids, and took Betty's place as secretary to Heather's father  on a trip to India in 1937.


[lxxi] Juno was a car…


[lxxii] Uncle Fritz

[lxxiii] Gran is a man !

[lxxiv] Joan was Gran’s wife, I think.

[lxxv] Aunt Violet is G.’s mother, then living at Weston House, Albury, Surrey, and shortly to move to Abbot’swood, Hurtmore, Godalming.

[lxxvi] Long distance calls at that time were put through by an operator, and charged per 3-minutes.

[lxxvii] Peggy Edge

[lxxviii] "Mickie" FitzHenry

[lxxix] Hallams

[lxxx] St James's, Malvern, was the senior school attended by Heather and Betty.

[lxxxi] Calgaric Reunion was an annual re-union of those who had been on the Scout and Guide cruise in the SS Calgaric.

[lxxxii] Miss Dunell

[lxxxiii] Brabys

[lxxxiv] Banhams

[lxxxv] Geoffrey Chilton

[lxxxvi] Stubbs

[lxxxvii] Yps is probably their first cousin Yvonne Davidson, whose mother threw herself under a train at Cheshunt in April 1919, when Yvonne was only a few months old.  She and her two elder sisters, Christian(7) and Clare(6), were taken in and brought up by Heather’s parents, whose own children were Peter(6), Heather(4) and Betty(2).

[lxxxviii] Sheila McClintock

[lxxxix] Parsons

[xc] Wrights

[xci] Aileen Harrap b. Q3 1903, Merthyr T. 11a  811; m. Q4 1946 to Francis H T Tervoise, Alton 6b 111

[xcii] Duncans

[xciii] Goschens

[xciv] Mrs Bannon

[xcv] Green – possibly the groom?

[xcvi] “Secret Agent” (1936) - After three British agents are assigned to assassinate a mysterious German spy during World War I, two of them become ambivalent when their duty to the mission conflicts with their consciences.

Director:  Alfred Hitchcock

From the play by Campbell Dixon based on the novel "Ashenden" by W. Somerset Maugham 


John Gielgud as Richard Ashenden / Brodie

Peter Lorre as The General

Madeleine Carroll as Elsa Carrington

Robert Young as Robert Marvin

[xcvii] John Gielgud

[xcviii] Madeleine Carroll

[xcix] Rarbert Young

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