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19360815 Heather to Betty  (handwritten on Octavo paper)

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Telephone:                                            Waddow Hall,

CLITHEROE 186                                           Clitheroe,


                          Aug 15 ?


Dear Wench.

The form sounds good.

─ But dammit -you  won’t  make  it [1] public  till  next year will you ?

Gosh – your writing’s just like Pud’s   —

Papa is going to be a bit difficult to sur-mount,  and he is very opposed to the idea of it being announced till later on –

G. of course will want   to   have  it announced as soon as he can  –  but I think really  you would be just  as  happy  unofficially  as  officially engaged  wouldn’t  you.

-  The understanding is there between you    –  so it   isn’t really necessary to let the outside world know till you’re actually going through with it.

Mum’s idea sounds a  fine  one   of  going back  with  Peter [2]  next October —  it all seems to fit in very beautifully.

By the way, if you get married you’re damn well not going to have any   foals   because  I REFUSE   to   become an   Aunt !

I’m coming home on Tues.         Mind you meet me at   the   stn.  –  I’m too Fat to walk up.

Love to Jority [3]    H.

[1] Betty’s engagement to Gervas, the news of which prompted this letter.

[2] The elder brother of Heather and Betty, at the time working in Southern Rhodesia

[3] Heather’s horse


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