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Gold Coast Couples Counselling


1 Hour $90 or 1.5 Hours $140

For an Introductory five minute chat, call or text
Steve 0433 537 270

Gold Coast & Brisbane (Stones Corner)

Low Coast Affordable Relationship counselling. Relationships can be tough to navigate at times. They can challenge our happiness create conflict and arguing. However, when we learn to become better at emotional hearing and learn to not personalise our fight to be right then relationships can be very rewarding.  With over 7000 Relationship Sessions within the Gold Coast and Brisbane Area. We believe we are affordable, friendly and private. We provide a friendly, authentic and affordable service. Please our fees and bookings page.


“Converting a complaint into a positive need requires a
mental transformation from
what is wrong with one's partner to
what one's partner can do that would work"...
...John Gottman


What are the benefits you want

1. Better Communication
2. Resolve Conflicts
3. Overcoming Adultery
4. Better Emotional Hearing
5. Stop Hurting each other
6. Should we stay together
7. Reducing Tension
8. Stopping the fight to be right
9. My Partner is not listening to me

These are just some of the issues that can be addressed within a session.


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