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These are (some of) our people...

Player | Jen Arnsby
Jen Arnsby

We try to call Jenny by her St Andrews nickname "Smelly Chat" - other teams just think that we are very rude!
Treasurer | Stacey Bordoli
Stacey Bordoli

That's not her name! That's not her name!
Player | Verity Clark
Verity Clark

An Edinburgh shinty veteran, Verity has got the law on her side too!
Player | Linda Corcoran
Linda Corcoran

Looking dangerous wherever she is on the pitch, Linda is new to shinty in 2010, but already has defenders all over the country quaking in their boots!
Trophy | Sir Caledonian Canal Challenge Cup
Caledonian Canal Challenge Cup

Our newest and shiniest member. Unfortunately doesn't hold his drink so well.
Player | Geraldine Daly
Geraldine Daly

A new signing for 2010 - Geraldine "Legs 11" Daly has converted easily from camogie to shinty.
Player | Niamh Donnelly
Niamh Donnelly

Niamh made a cracking debut to Forth's 2010 season with 4 goals in her starting game.
Coach | Steven Dormer
Steven Dormer

Steven has been Forth's coach of the year for the past 3 years. Currently working on our fitness and chesting the ball - good luck with that!
Player | Jenny Durkin
Jenny Durkin

JD makes a very welcome return to the fold in 2010 after a year spent upside down and stick sport-less in NZ.
Player | Leigh Fell
Leigh Fell

Since first picking up a shinty stick in July 2010, Leigh has wowed Forth with her precocious talent - spurring rumours that she is in fact a reincarnation of a past shinty legend....
Player | Aoife Fitzgerald
Aoife Fitzgerald

In her first season of playing for Forth, Aoife has been a good luck charm in cup games - 100% win record so far!
Camogie Committee (CamCom) | Una Henry
Una Henry

Another camogie convert, Una is an inspiration to us all.
Keeper | Mickie Imrie
Mickie Imrie

Mickie is a veteran Forth player from the early days. Envied by all the players because she's allowed to wear trackies and a jumper during matches and because she has the best car!
Keeper | Rudra Kapila
Rudra Kapila

A new signing to Forth in 2009 who took up her position between the sticks with flair. She gives as good as she gets (especially to the opposition supporters!)
Player | Grace Kavanagh
Grace Kavanagh

New for the 2009 season, Grace has picked up shinty well and loves the matches - especially against the small people!
Shinty Captain | Mairi Lawson
Mairi Lawson

2009: Top organiser of the infamous grand tour of Badenoch and Strathspey and the legendary StrathForth tournament - Maz is always on top of things, on and off the pitch!
President | Sophie Moyles
Sophie Moyles

Sophie takes time out of her busy job as a Morrissey impersonator to pop some goals in or puck some balls out for Forth. Versatile player!
Player | Natalie Nicholls
Natalie Nicholls

Most injured player of 2009, 2008 and 2007 seasons but not 2010! Needs to stop playing such rough sports (i.e. rugby!)
Player | Jen Pasquill
Jen Pasquill

Edinburgh native who learnt her shinty and drinking at St Andrews Uni. Runs marathons on and off the pitch.
Keeper | Liz Perry
Liz  Perry

Polly steps up to be shot stopper - still waiting for a chance to play in her normal position of defence for Forth!
Player | Gemma Seaton
Gemma Seaton

New to the sport in 2010 - Gemma is confident that she can implement some of her Dundee street-fighting moves onto the shinty pitch.
Secretary | Katy Smith
Katy Smith

Started playing with the newly formed Edinburgh Uni ladies team in 1999. Poor injury record - only 1 bone broken in 10 years.
Player | Jenny Smith
Jenny Smith

Bonjour Jennifre! Called back to the squad to increase Jen and Smith quotas, Jen S returns to the team after spending the first half of 2010 in continental Europe.
Public Relations Officer | Aisling Spain
Aisling Spain

A camogie convert who's now firmly in the shinty camp. Also trying to convert her whole family to the shinty cause.
Player | Diana Stevenson-Moore
Diana Stevenson-Moore

A new recruit thieved all the way from Canada's west coast, Diana has picked up shinty in style.
Player | Holly Webster
Holly Webster

Mid-field genius Holster has made a very welcome return to shinty in 2010.

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