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There's every reason to like lichens. They survive in the harshest weather conditions and provide a splash of vibrant colour on the dullest winter days.

They grow through a symbiotic relationship between fungi and algae, one providing the environment for survival and the other providing the food.

Lichens do not like pollution. So, where they are found there is hope, as man has not destroyed the environment for their modest needs.

The designs for these cushions were inspired by the lichens found on various surfaces throughout Fair Isle. Little cushions of comfort, letting us know that our island is in good environmental condition.

The knitted panels are made on the only fine guage Shima Seiki machine in Shetland, then brought home to be constructed in Fair Isle.

They are made from 50% unbleached cotton backing, 40% lambswool and 10% silk. Can be gently washed by hand or delicate machine wash at 40'C.

Reshape while damp and dry flat.

I hope you like!



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