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Austria, Trainer's Report.

Huge Thank you to hosts, sheep, pupils and competitors from the herding scene in Europe, (and Norway!) 

Working my way through pics and notes, all will feature before I have finished!

Meet the Sheep!  (Led by  'Avalanche')

Moved from grazing to the training field!

Yup, the trainer's a Brit...but dosn't often herd cats! 

Started with Gerlinde and Jula

Claudia with JouJou

and Bella, in pup, was allowed a very quick go!

Sabine and Phoebe


Venke and Heat


Willy and Enid


Claudia and Fuchur

Helga and Daimon

Diana and JoJo

Heidi and Farouche


Erin and Sascha

Night night, sheep!


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