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When I first wrote this website it was my intention to sell my beloved record collection. I've hung on to it for many years & ummed & arrred about selling stuff off. Everytime I've moved house it's followed & been a bit of a pain some times. Up until a few years ago I hadn't played anything on vinyl for ages.......that all changed since moving to my present house........vinyl is all I've played. Vinyl is the only way to play music........It's timeless. I was working as a DJ from the late 60s to the late 80s/early 90s so you can only imagine what I've amassed over the years. I have records of all genres........rock, pop, ska, reggae, punk, rock & roll, classic soul, northern soul, disco....you name it I've got it. I've got quite a lot of albums & loads of stuff on 12 inch but most of the stuff I love is on 45 format.

Talking soul I have most of the old classic stuff ( northern & classic ). There's some amazing motown gems as well........I'm talking good old & rare. Reggae ( well I come from Brum next to Jamaica it's the birth place )



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