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Y Castell Siwgr - Angharad Tomos

Dwy ferch ar ddau gyfandir. Un lord ag awch am elw.

         Two girls, two continents. One Lord, with a thirst for profit.


Given the unfortunate truth that racism is still with us in 2020, and that we live in the age of campaigns such as #BywydauDuoBwys (#BlackLivesMatter), Y Castell Siwgr is an extremely timely novel. Undoubtedly, I believe this novel will be a worthy champion to educate about racism, slavery, and their connection with the Welsh. The novel should be read carefully and in great detail, and shared among a very wide audience.

Undoubtedly, this is a credible and powerful novel, which succeeds in telling a historical story that’s as important as ever.

NB  This book is currently in translation 

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