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Last 3 Name   Initials                Surname                                Trade
942     John               J.J.C           Atkins                                Airframe

           Janjua            J.M              Aslam(PAF)                      Airframe         
921     Brian              B.N.            Barker                              Airframe
441     Tom                T.J.             Baxter                               Engine
947     Jim                 J.A.             Bolton                               Armourer
939     Bob                 J.R.            Boulton-Aubert                Armourer
961     Philip(Ginge)  P.J.           Broadbent                        Armourer
958     Micheal         M.B.             Brown                               Armourer
991    John                J.                Chillingworth                  Airframe
551    Charles           C.S.             Clarke                               Engine
912    Paul                 P .               Constable                          Engine
933    John                J.                 Costik                                Engine
999    Roger              R.J.D.         Denny                                Engine

012   Lewis               V.E.            Dewey                                Elect.
992    Barry               B.                Down                                 Engine
888    Vic                    V.A.           Edney                                 Inst

056    Steve(Hadley) H.               Fryer                                  Airframe
908    Norbert           N.                Gaffney                             Airframe

032    Doug                D.                Geater                              Engine

064    Ron                  R.E             George                              Engine

223    Mick                 M               Gibbons                             Engine
944    Tony                A.W.           Greenfield                         Armourer

915     Viv                  V                 Haddridge                         Engine
931    John                J.W.            Harriman                           Airframe
483    Douglas           D.J.            Harris                                Engine
224   Brian                BG             Heald                                 Engine
225   Richard            R.               Hewer                                Engine

103    John                 J                Hiscock                              Inst

952    Dave                D.              Howes                               Engine

955    Mick  (Kas)     J.M            Kirk                                   Armourer
020    Geoff                G.K.          Lanyon                              Armourer
075    John                J.               Lawn                                  Engine

904    Ralph               B.K.           Lines                                Engine
993    John                J.C.            Macleldon                         Airframe
973    John                J.                Marriot                              Engine
004    Richard(Tiny) R.H.           Matthews                           Armourer
092    Bob                 R.S.            Matthews                           Airframe
041    Pete                P.                 Maybey                              Engine
218    Dave               D.                Mercer                               Engine
837    Sid                  S.J.              Munday                             Inst
994    Ron                R.E.             Nicholls                              Engine
079    Peter              P.                 Norden                               Engine

069    Peter                                 Oflinn                                    Airframe
076    Graham         G.                Packer                                Airframe

000    Dom.               D.J.           Parkinson                          Engine
988    Des                 D.J.            Poole                                  Airframe    914    Paul               P.               Richardson                        Airframe
034    Ron                R.H.J.         Rolls                               Airframe

076    Tony              A.J.             Roots                                 Airframe
883    Harrold         H.J.             Scarlett                               Elect
834    Ron                R.A.             Scott                                   Inst
959    Colin             C                   Seaton                                Inst
089    Frank            F                  Smart                                Engine

229    Alan              A.                 Stone                                Engine
005    Brian             B.L.              Sutcliffe                            Armourer
073    Dave              D.                Sutton                               Inst
996    Mick              M.F.             Thatcher                           Airframe
853    Raymond      R.W.E         Townsend                         Airframe
006    Dennis           D.J.            Turner                              Airframe

024    Jim                 J.T.            Wheeler                           Armourer
044    George          G.E.            White                               Engine
844    David            D.F.             Yarworth                         Inst



                                         Requiem for an Apprentice.


                                       His pain has stopped

                                       For he is dead

                                       His life on earth is done

                                       But he was one of us when we

                                       Were Apprentices at Halton

                                       His time with us is over

                                       His face we can no longer see

                                       No more Squadron Do's

                                       No TACEVALS

                                       No more postings will there be

                                       He's got the chop,He's bought it

                                       But to his memory we doff our hats

                                       For even in a hundred years from now

                                       He will still be  one of Trenchards Brats.


                                                                            Big Norm. 






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