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Glendreich's Last Hurrah
12 June 2016

As things stand Glendreich made its final public appearance as the West of Scotland Group's portable layout at the Summerlee Model Railway weekend on 11th/12th June.  As summer in Central Scotland now appears to be over it was a good weekend to be running indoors.  The editor was missing on Saturday so apologies to Chris C who was there on Saturday but who is not featured in any of the photos.We had the same pitch as last year, squeezed in between the steelwork, but thankfully the blast furnace sound effects had been disabled for the duration so we could actually hear each other speak.

We had most of the regular runners with Tom's Arthur and Roy's Lumpy Tom putting in the major shifts, backed up by Ian W's trio of Cegin, Britomart and Little Grimsby. Behind the scenes everything ran like a well oiled machine.

Dave W's Merlin Minstrel made a couple of cameo appearances and acquitted itself quite well with a longish train.
Fraser even steamed up Jane, or as she is now known, Blazer.  No shortage of steam here.

The old girl was even given an outing on the public side, though of course, she is far too delicate to be hauling rough old trucks.

The photo is terrible but is included for pure scarcity value.

And here ends, for the time being, the story of the Glendreich Railway.

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