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Glendreich (Now passed on to the Modular Group)

Glendreich was first conceived as a small indoor line that might allow us to do some running during the winter months. this brief later expanded to include the option of running at events and exhibitions. We have taken it to galas, family days and in October 2013 we took the original layout to the Greenock Model Railway Show where we received a favourable reaction from paying customers and an invitation to go back in 2014.

While running at Greenock it became apparent that the original layout was just too small so we have extended by 4 feet to give a total size of 12'6" by 6'6". The layout can be errected on any reasonably flat surface  but does require some protection from the elements. As well as exhibiting the railway we also take  a static display of locos and stock that are too large to run on Glendreich.

Our model depicts a 2' 0" gauge line that connects the remote Glendreich Distillery with the outside world. Raw materials such as barley, peat and coal are brought in by rail and casks containing the finished product shipped out. Many real life distilleries had rail connections and rail transport was used extensively by the industry as late as the 1960s.

Members bring locos and stock to run at exhibitions and there is a wide variety of these.

This short video shows the line i n action at the Greenock Show in 2014.

The layout now forms part of the Modular Group Layout


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