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Bad rock at MLR
07 September 2013

Further comments on Mike'B track day.

Prior to a site visit, a survey was carried out at the MLR to ensure that points pointed and clearance was clear. Some minor debris, as was to be expected on an underused track-bed, was removed and the works deisel Jessie completed many trips on the main line.

When the dignitaries arrived Taliesin set out with a train if three bogie coaches from David A. The third coach was very long and had full length running boards. This train came down the branch onto the main line running sweetly. However, on reaching the rockery loop the length/width/curve combination caused problems with a couple of impertinent rock outcrops fouling the centre of the running boards. The first, a mere boulder, was carefully eased out of the way ( a good kick! ) but the second was a monolith of Uluru proportions and resisted such efforts. there was nothing for it but to detach the third coach and continue with just two.

A couple of days later the crew returned and chastised this lump.

Clearance improved!

Footnote:- Jessie, on returning to the shed, suddenly lost all power. this was not an unusual occurance and was soon sorted. But then the gear box failed and Jessie had to be taken out of service. The engineers fabrication skills have left a lot to be desired!

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