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Glenmutchkin 18/09/2011
19 September 2011

Sunday September 18th wasn't the Met Office's finest hour in West Lothian. The promised fine late morning and afternoon failed to materialise and instead we got regular sharp showers. A fairly complete attendance (apart from those on intercontinental jaunts) was declared quorate for the purpose of discussing the proposal to build a smaller, more portable layout that would give us more options for winter meetings and exhibitions.

Hopefully a simple circuit, passing loop and sidings can be put together using Mamod, Faller and Peco track from donations and scrap boxes. We agreed to cost up 4' x 2' boards built from 9mm ply and 2" x 1" battens with a date for a working party to be agreed.

Talking shop over we had a go at running trains. As ever Ian W's Lilla proved to be a surefooted performer on the Glenmutchkin's roller coaster.

One of our glamourous ladies took the opportunity to demonstrate that you do not have to be male to drive a 16mm radio controlled loco. Here Susan W is modelling the natty (almost invisible) Timpdon controller that drives Dave W's Andel Moelwyn which is hiding somewhere in the undergrowth.


Some of the old and bold didn't know whether to be alarmed or amused by this outbreak of feminism. Our canine mascot, Shannon, appears to be totally unimpressed.

Tom is brandishing an Isle of Man bogie coach used to demonstrate conclusively that the Glenmutchkin's loading gauge is 2 foot railway at 16mm scale rather than 3 foot at 15mm scale.

 Later in the afternoon we were joined by Barry W, a visitor from the East of Scotland Group, who ran his Roundhouse Darjeeling B class and matching coaches. We were all impressed by the sound produced by the Darj's Summerlands Chuffer on the climbs.

Thanks go to Rosena for the catering and to all visitors for being polite about the soup that Dave made.

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